Sheldon Gets Outsmarted In New Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 11 Clip

Ahead of its return with Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11, CBS has released a new clip that shows Sheldon being outsmarted. After relegating the boy genius as a supporting character while the show tackled other Cooper family members’ respective arcs, Sheldon gets his own story again, and it’s getting more complicated. Born from a random thought while browsing for comic books, he gets the idea to create a grant database, a potentially lucrative project so East Texas Tech is trying to cash in on it.

In a new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11 clip shared by the show’s official YouTube channel, Sheldon gets outsmarted by East Texas Tech’s President Hagemeyer after he confronts her for moving on with the endeavor without his consent.

The clip shows Hagemeyer one step ahead of Sheldon at every turn. The upcoming episode marks the first one after Young Sheldon season 6’s latest mini-hiatus so there’s excitement to see what’s next not just for Sheldon, but for his whole family.

Why Sheldon’s Grant Database Project Is Important For Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon’s focus has been mostly on Mandy and Georgie’s story, especially since she’s about to give birth. George’s personal arc has also been tackled, but both of these storylines don’t heavily involve Sheldon, so giving him his own narrative is a great way to keep him at the center of the family comedy’s storytelling. While the grant database endeavor doesn’t seem to have any long-term impact on Sheldon’s life, it could end up being part of the character’s arc and could explain some of his behavior in The Big Bang Theory. For example, if East Texas Tech continues to undermine him, it could be the reason why he never really talked about his college experience because of what the school put him through.

That being said, it also creates some questions, particularly about Sheldon’s Nobel Prize speech in TBBT finale where he didn’t mention Dr. Sturgis. Unlike Hagemeyer and Dr. Linkletter, the boy genius’ original mentor offered him genuine support when he asked for help. If this grant database ends up succeeding and becomes lucrative, it will make Dr. Sturgis a far more important part of his childhood than initially perceived. Between this and everything else he has done for his mentee thus far in Young Sheldon, it seemed unlikely that Sheldon would forget to thank him during the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Sadly, things are only going to get uglier for Sheldon and East Texas Tech as the school continues its attempt to undermine the young prodigy. As seen in a previously released Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11 trailer, Sheldon gets a new rival, who the academic organization likely recruited to do the bulk of the project. How Sheldon handles the situation is uncertain, but maybe it’s time for him to get some help from his adult allies.

Source: Young Sheldon/YouTube