Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Clip Shows Death Note Animation Homage

The Simpsons have revealed a glimpse at their upcoming parody of the anime series Death Note, which features Homer, Marge and the family in the animation style of the Japanese show. Created by Matt Groening in 1989, The Simpsons holds numerous television records for its longevity as the show rounds the bases on its 34th season, though the animated classic has not yet been renewed for a season 35. The characters are one of televisions most all-time recognizable families, and the show’s immaculate run is stamped with 35 Emmy wins.

The Simpsons is largely credited with spawning the adult animation genre, though of the South Park, Family Guy, and Simpsons trifecta, The Simpsons is likely the most family-friendly. The Simpsons cast and writing team has been a revolving door of talent, with Conan O’Brien, Hank Azaria, and other notables making up the show’s massive alumni network. With over 700 episodes to its name, The Simpsons has had to reinvent itself time and time again, while maintaining select on-screen traditions and tropes, including the annual Halloween special, the « Treehouse of Horror » which has aired each October since season 2.

This year’s « Treehouse of Horror » comes as a two-part anthology in a series first. Krusty the Clown (Dan Castelleneta) appeared as Pennywise from IT in the first episode of this season’s double-decker « Treehouse of Horror; » meanwhile, The Simpsons’ Death Note parody in anime style is slated to arrive on October 30 as the second leg of « Treehouse of Horror XXXII ». Like many Simpsons Halloween specials prior, « Treehouse of Horror XXXII » has three segments, and will also riff on the Babadook tale and Westworld. DR Movie, a South Korean animation house, assisted with the production of the Death Note segment. Check out a clip of The Simpsons as they’ve never been seen before above.

The « Treehouse of Horror » series-within-the-series has always allowed for flexibility in narratives and styles for The Simpsons. Simpsons regulars are often retyped as characters from whichever content is being spoofed. The soon-arriving Death Note parody won’t be the first time the show mixed up its animation presentation during the Halloween celebration; the episode represents a special tradition and is worthy of the extra attention and boldness it receives. Taking a left turn and running an anime episode has paid off for other animated works; South Park’s « Good Time with Weapons » episode feature the gang in anime style and is remembered as one of the show’s best.

Despite its stylistic switch-up, the Simpsons-ified Death Note story arguably fits better within the parameters of the original « Treehouse of Horror » schematics better than other recent plots. In the early editions of the Halloween special, the stories were spoofs of iconic movies that fell into the horror genre; consider the first-ever « Treehouse of Horror, » which had segments inspired by unforgettable classics Poltergeist and Amityville Horror. Conversely, recent segments within « Treehouse of Horror » have taken stabs at films and content that are relevant at that point.

Source: Discussing Film/Twitter