Sloane’s Disappearance Means Reginald’s Umbrella Academy Downfall Has Begun

Sloane’s disappearance at the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3 spells trouble for Reginald Hargreeves, as Luther will surely stop at nothing to find his wife. The Umbrella Academy season 3 ended with a twist, as Reginald — and Allison, to a certain extent— managed to reset the universe, changing the lives of the Umbrella Academy siblings forever. Luther even returned from the dead, looking much more human than in any of the previous seasons. Luther’s focus, however, was on the fact that his wife hadn’t entered this new world and timeline with them. His determination to find his wife was portrayed quite strongly in such a short final scene. As such, The Umbrella Academy season 4 will likely feature Luther’s unwavering resolve to find Sloane, which could lead to Reginald’s ultimate downfall.

Reginald took several factors into account when resetting the universe. Allison’s daughter and her husband Ray from 1960s Dallas were both brought back, for instance, and it is also likely he ensured that the Umbrella Academy wouldn’t have their powers anymore, making it much harder for them to interfere with any of his plans. Orchestrating Sloane’s disappearance, however, in whatever way that might have happened, could be Reginald’s first mistake. Luther is nothing if not loyal, and he will stop at nothing to find her, even if that means forcing Reginald to bring her back and altering the timeline again, destroying every advantage that Reginald has created for himself. If Sloane reunited with Luther, they’d have walked away as happily as Lila and Diego did in the Umbrella Academy season 3 finale. Reginald altered the entire universe to live a life with his wife, Abigail, once more. If Sloane’s disappearance is in fact his doing, he should have realized that Luther would be willing to do the same.

Sloane’s Disappearance Teases A Better Luther In Season 4

One of Luther’s best qualities is his loyalty. Though this has sometimes been detrimental to his relationship with his siblings, there is also something to be said for someone who is willing to go to the ends of the Earth to make someone happy. Luther’s determination to find out what happened to Sloane in season 3 and locate her will allow him to prove his mettle in The Umbrella Academy season 4 when it comes to saving his family and the world — a burden that has until now constantly fallen on Five’s shoulders. Luther’s storyline in previous seasons of The Umbrella Academy may have shown him to be too naive, an unwitting pawn, but falling in love with Sloane allowed him to finally take charge of his own life. This trend will undoubtedly continue into The Umbrella Academy season 4 as we see him try to ascertain his wife’s whereabouts.

Luther Doesn’t Need His Powers In Umbrella Academy S4

Luther’s super strength hasn’t brought him much luck in the past. When he believed he could fight a mission on his own because of his powers, Luther was turned into a gorilla-hybrid as a result of an effort to save his life. That knocked his confidence severely, making him feel like he needed to hide away from the world. Luther also wasn’t able to defeat his Sparrow Academy counterpart, Marcus, at the beginning of The Umbrella Academy season 3. But it was never his strength that made him who he was, and he won’t need it to find Sloane and bring her back. What he will need is his leadership skills, his ability to hunker down and focus on the task at hand. Without the distraction of his unusual physique or the over-reliance on his super strength, he’ll be able to showcase his best character traits.

Luther’s journey throughout The Umbrella Academy has been one of trauma, rebuilding confidence, and finding love. All of that character development can now come together in The Umbrella Academy season 4 and showcase the best version of Luther so far. Hopefully, with the help of his family and his wife, he’ll eventually be instrumental in taking down Reginald Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy’s final season.