So, Does Stranger Things 5 Have A Plan For Argyle?

While Argyle was a welcome addition to the cast of Stranger Things season 4, the fifth and final season of the Netflix hit may struggle to find a place for him in the show’s ensemble. Stranger Things already has a lot of characters. The Netflix series has steadily added new members to its cast with each season, resulting in a lineup that includes over a dozen lead characters, with little room for unnecessary extras.

This was an issue for Stranger Things season 4, which split up its lead characters and left them in different parts of the country (and world) for almost the entire season. However, this did not stop Stranger Things season 4 from introducing new characters like Argyle, a likable stoner who aided Mike, Will, and Jonathan in their cross-country journey to save Eleven and return her to Hawkins, Indiana. Argyle ended season 4 hanging around with his new friends, but it is not clear what he plans to do in the small town of Hawkins and whether Stranger Things season 5 has a plan for him. Given how season 4 ended, his role as comic relief could make him surplus to requirements. As such, coming up with a concrete, compelling plan for Argyle is essential for Stranger Things season 5.

Why Stranger Things 4 Needed Argyle

Stranger Things season 4 needed Argyle so that Mike, Will, and Jonathan’s storyline wouldn’t feel superfluous. While it led to season 4’s sweetest season 4 as Will told Mike he is the heart of their friend group, the subplot that saw the trio across America in search of Eleven was still essentially filler. The group simply drove and attempted to find Eleven for episodes on end, so throwing in a comic relief character like Argyle made this story not only bearable but funny as a self-contained shaggy dog story. Mike, Will, and Jonathan were too self-serious to carry the plot, but Argyle was the perfect character to lighten the mood and make the story work.

Season 4 Stranded Argyle In Hawkins

While it made sense for Argyle to stick around for Stranger Things season 4, it will be harder for season 5 to make his story work. Most of the other new arrivals from Stranger Things season 4 are dead, from the tragic Eddie to the loathsome jock Jason. Argyle, on the other hand, is simply hanging around in Hawkins without a care in the world and with no apparent concern about his job, his friends, and his family, all of whom he seemingly abandoned to join the boys on their road trip. While Stranger Things season 5 doesn’t necessarily need to flesh out Argyle’s backstory, it would be good to know whether anyone is waiting for him back in California.

Stranger Things season 5 needs to work out a way to use Arygle that involves more than merely ignoring his presence until he is needed for comic relief. The longer that Stranger Things season 5 keeps its main cast together, the more out-of-place Argyle will appear in an ensemble who have otherwise all known each other for years. While he could return to California or fall victim to Vecna, Argyle could also become a more central figure if he gained more screen time and depth. However, regardless of which approach the show’s creators take, Stranger Things season 5 must find some plan for Argyle.