So, Star Wars Didn’t Help Andor’s Snoke Confusion

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Andor episode 10

While Andy Serkis’ new Star Wars character in Andor is very different from Snoke, the series’ 10th episode didn’t do much to help potential confusion that might have persisted for some viewers. Finally agreeing to help Cassian Andor instigate a mass prison break on the world of Narkina 5, Serkis’ Kino Loy was instrumental in the plan’s success. However, one scene in particular made it hard to differentiate between the manager of Floor 5-2-D and the future Supreme Leader of the First Order.

Beyond his impressive motion capture skills, Andy Serkis has a very distinctive voice. As such, Kino Loy sounds fairly similar to Snoke at certain times as both characters carry Serkis’ typical vocal range. However, Andor episode 10 makes their voices nearly indistinguishable after Cassian pushes Kino Loy to use the prison’s comm system to inspire the rest of the prison to rise up. While everything Kino says is epic and his words spark rebellion, the deeper modulation makes him sound almost exactly like Snoke. With the chances of some canonical connection between the two characters being incredibly slim, it’s a scene that can certainly pull viewers out of the moment (especially if they’ve recently watched the sequel trilogy).

Could Andy Serkis’ Andor Character Become Snoke?

Tragically, Kino Loy’s fate is currently unknown after the reveal he couldn’t swim at the end of Andor episode 10, unable to claim his freedom like Cassian and the rest of the prison inmates. As such, Serkis’ Kino may get recaptured by the Empire. If he is taken by the Imperials once more, there’s at least a narrative path where the prison break gains the attention of the Emperor who then decides to punish Loy by corrupting his legacy. Perhaps Kino somehow becomes a partial template for Snoke seeing as how Palpatine genetically created him to be his puppet decades later in the Star Wars timeline?

Again, the odds are incredibly slim. In all likelihood, Kino Loy is simply a new role given to Andy Serkis due to his self-proclaimed love for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That being said, it’s pretty humorous how much Kino sounds like Snoke while inspiring others to fight the oppression of the Empire which evolves into the First Order led by the Supreme Leader himself.

Andy Serkis In Andor Is Better Than His Star Wars Sequels Role

All things considered, Kino Loy is a far more dynamic Star Wars role for Andy Serkis. Controversially, Snoke did not become the overarching villain of the sequel trilogy, having only a few scenes between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi before Snoke’s death (a big disappointment for Serkis). In contrast, Kino Loy had much more room to evolve as a dynamic character who chose to fight as soon as the Empire ripped away what little hope he had in prison. Here’s hoping Kino survives to be seen in Andor season 2 (even if he does sound like Palpatine’s puppet).