Spider-Man Cosplay Proves His Coolest Alt-Costume Deserves a Comeback

Marvel Comics fans know that Spider-Man has no shortage of awesome costumes that he’s worn across a plethora of mediums from the comics to the movies/TV shows, to even the video games–and one cosplayer proves Spidey’s coolest alt-costume deserves a comeback.

The suit in question was most recently seen in the 2018 PlayStation 4 video game Spider-Man. In the game, players play as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man as they go on a number of missions including arresting Kingpin, stopping Mr. Negative, and defeating the Sinister Six. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the game, however, isn’t anything to do with Spider-Man, but rather Peter Parker’s relationship with a scientist named Otto Octavius. Throughout the game, Peter is working with Otto as Octavius is something of Peter’s mentor. However, once Otto’s robotics project loses its funding, he quickly devolves into a villain and becomes Doctor Octopus–prompting Spider-Man to use every suit in his arsenal to stop him, including this particular costume that was recently brought to life in epic fashion.

In a Tweet by Designer Dontaiz, the user posted a series of four photographs presumably of themself in Spider-Man cosplay at 2022’s Dragon Con event, and as stated in the post itself, this costume was primarily based on one from the PS4 Spider-Man video game. The black and yellow coloring is just as stunning in real life as it was in the game, with every inch of the suit nearly identical–from the look of plated armor to the eye shape and even the shiny gloss of the costume indicating that it’s high-tech. While this costume had seemingly been pulled straight out of the game, that isn’t to say this particular suit doesn’t have its roots firmly planted in the comic book source material as well.

This suit is called the MK. II Armor, and while it was famously used in the 2018 video game, it actually made its Marvel debut in the 1999 comic Amazing Spider-Man #656 by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin. At that point in Spider-Man’s career, he lost his Spider Sense which left him weakened and vulnerable when going up against his cadre of powerful enemies. So, Parker made new Spider Armor to compensate–a suit that was equipped with bulletproof armor (because one doesn’t need to dodge bullets if they have no effect) and even magnetic webbing.

After Spider-Man’s Spider Sense returned to him in the comics, the MK. II Armor went into retirement and really wasn’t seen again until the 2018 video game, and even then it was obscure. This suit was just one of a bunch of alternate costumes players could choose from, and before the game came out, the armor was essentially just a piece of Spider-Man trivia as it was short-lived and quickly put away. However, by putting this suit on full display, front and center at a major fandom event, this cosplayer shows just how cool this Spider-Man costume really is and proves that it absolutely needs to make a comeback.

Source: Designer Dontaiz