Star Trek Delivered A Robot Rebellion (But Not The One Teased)

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 Finale – « The Stars At Night »The finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 saw the USS Cerritos take on the artificially intelligent Texas-class starships of the evil Admiral Les Buenamigo (Carlos Alazraqui), but amusingly, they aren’t the robot enemies set up earlier in Lower Decks season 3. Buenamigo plotted to mothball the California-class fleet and replace them with the USS Aledo, which was his brainchild. However, the Aledo turned on its master and nearly destroyed the Cerritos before Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) led the entire California-class fleet to destroy the enemy robot.

Star Trek: Lower Decks actually teased a different robot rebellion that, apparently, is still to come. In Lower Decks season 3, episode 7, « A Mathematically Perfect Redemption, » Peanut Hamper (Kether Donohue) was placed in custody at the Daystrom Institute on Earth. The corrupt Exocomp was already guilty of treason against Starfleet, but she then betrayed the bird people of the planet Areolus and sold their technology to Drookmani scavengers. As soon as the unrepentant Peanut Hamper was locked up at Daystrom, she befriended AGIMUS (Jeffrey Combs), a diabolical computer bent on world conquest captured by Mariner and Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid). Peanut Hamper and AGIMUS’ unholy alliance set up the robots breaking loose to exact revenge on the Cerritos. But instead, Lower Decks season 3 ended with Captain Carol Freeman’s (Dawn Lewis) crew fighting for their lives against another set of robot villains.

Star Trek Has A Long History Of Artificially Intelligent Villains

Rogue A.I. villains have been around since Star Trek: The Original Series’ evil computer Landru, the planet killer in « The Doomsday Machine, » and V’Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Of course, the Borg are a form of artificial intelligence that has menaced the United Federation of Planets. Star Trek: Picard season 1 revealed the Romulans have always feared and hated A.I., banning them from their culture. Yet the Romulan Zhat Vash faction had no qualms about using androids to attack Mars in 2385, which led to the Federation banning synthetics.

The Star Trek series on Paramount+ have utilized plenty of artificially intelligent villains. Star Trek: Discovery season 2’s Big Bad was Control, Section 31’s threat assessment program that became self-aware and tried to wipe out all organic life in the galaxy. Star Trek: Picard season 1 ended with synthetics from another galaxy trying to attack the Alpha Quadrant. Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3’s USS Aledo and the Texas-class starships killed their creator, Admiral Buenamigo, and nearly destroyed Douglas Station and the USS Cerritos.

How Lower Decks Season 3 Set Up Season 4’s Robot Rebellion

The assembled California-class fleet may have defended their right to exist and rid Starfleet of the Texas-class starships, but the real robot threat is apparently still to come in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4. The season 4 finale’s end-credits scene revealed that Badgey (Jack McBrayer) is still alive. Last seen and believed dead by explosion in Star Trek: Lower Decks’ season 1 finale, Badgey is floating somewhere in the Kella system among the remains of a destroyed Pakled cruiser. If Peanut Hamper and AGIMUS break loose from the Daystrom Institute in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4, they could join up with Badgey to become an unholy robot triumvirate of evil. Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 is the most intricately plotted season so far, and the setup for the evil robots to come for the USS Cerritos in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 is all there.

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