Star Trek: Voyager’s Chakotay Returns In New Star Trek: Prodigy Image

A brand-new image from the upcoming mid-season premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy reveals the official return of Chakotay. Chakotay is a character who originated in the 1995-2001 series Star Trek: Voyager, as portrayed by Robert Beltran. The First Officer of the USS Voyager, he was the first Native American lead in a Star Trek series.

The new animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, which premiered the first half of season 1 in September 2021, revealed that Chakotay later went on to become the captain of the USS Protostar, only for that ship to be boarded by the Dredknok and abandoned at a labor camp in the Delta Quadrant, where it was discovered by the crew of mischievous youngsters at the center of the story. The location of Chakotay and his crew remains a mystery that the series has yet to solve, focusing so far on a major pontine involving The Diviner revealing his evil plot involving the Protostar, only for Gwyn (Ella Purnell) to lose her memory of his confession.

TrekMovie recently shared the latest information on the upcoming mid-season premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy, which airs on October 27. The biggest reveal was a first-look image of the animated version of Chatokay making his triumphant return. The synopsis reveals that, when the Prodigy crew applies for asylum at a comm relay outpost, they learn the unfortunate true purpose of their spacecraft. How exactly this relates to Chakotay’s return is currently unknown.

Now that the series has revealed the official return of Chakotay, the question remains as to how he is found and who finds him. The most likely prospect would be one of the show’s two versions of his former Voyager compatriot Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). Janeway appears in Prodigy in two different forms: one as the real-life version of the character in the timeline of the series, the other as the Emergency Training Holographic Advisor that takes on the shape and voice of Janeway as it assists the young crew of the Protostar.

It seems likely that Chakotay and his crew are either hidden somewhere at or near the secluded outpost mentioned in the synopsis. The move that Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 part 2 would most likely be allowing the children and the digital Janeway to discover his whereabouts first. That way, they can delay his official reunion with the real Captain Janeway for an even more emotional moment, even though it clearly happens sometime over the course of this episode, given the nature of the image above.

Source: TrekMovie