Star Wars Cad Bane Actor On Possibly Returning After His Death

Cad Bane actor Corey Burton discusses his character’s possible Star Wars return after his Book of Boba Fett death. Bounty hunter Bane debuted in the Star Wars universe on the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The mentor of Boba Fett, he later made a surprise live-action appearance on the Disney+ show following the further adventures of Temuera Morrison’s famed character.

Cad Bane’s sudden deployment on Book of Boba Fett indeed came as a surprise to long-time fans of the villainous bounty hunter, as did his live-action redesign (voice actor Burton was thankfully retained to play the live-action iteration of the character). But as it turned out, Bane would not stick around long on the Disney+ series. After memorably arriving in Book of Boba Fett season 1 episode 6 for a Western-style showdown with Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth, the bad guy met his end in episode 7 at the hands of good guy Boba Fett and his trusty Tusken Raider gaffi stick.

Though it was certainly poetic justice for Boba Fett to take down the evil Cad Bane, fans of the character were actually disappointed by how quickly and easily he was dispatched from the live-action Star Wars universe. The bounty hunter may not have met his true end on the sands of Tatooine however, as Bane actor Burton has raised the possibility of the character’s return in a future Star Wars property. See what Burton had to say on the matter of Bane’s resurrection in the space below (via

« Well, as I was saying to Dave [Filoni] from the very start, where the character was always in peril and apparently may have met an end in the original Clone Wars series, a good villain never dies. I learned that as a kid, Frankenstein, it’s like, ‘Well no, you saw him.’ No, but I saw him, he was killed. And then the castle burned down, and he was drowned and blown to bits. Said, ‘No, no, no, no, that wasn’t him because then he comes back.’ So the more evil the character, the more likely it is that maybe he’s not gone. »

Frankenstein is indeed one example of a movie character who was continually resurrected after seemingly dying, as Universal early on saw the value of bringing the sympathetic monster back for sequel after sequel. Star Wars too has learned the lesson of never truly killing off a good villain, as it proved again with the unlikely return of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. That greatest of all Star Wars villains Darth Vader has of course also been brought back via the prequel loophole, returning earlier in 2022 for the Disney+ show Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars indeed has developed multiple means by which to ensure that in this particular universe, no one is ever really gone. Transference of consciousness to a clone body is always on the table, after its use to explain Palpatine’s return. The Force Ghost route is also available, though obviously for that option to make sense, the character in question must be Force sensitive. Bringing back a character as a flashback or memory is also a possibility, and was indeed used to give Han Solo one more appearance in Rise of Skywalker. And then of course there’s the aforementioned prequel approach, which this year allowed deceased Rogue One character Cassian Andor to star in his own Disney+ show. In light of all this, Cad Bane fans should rest assured that if Disney wants more of the character in some future Star Wars show, a Frankenstein-like resurrection can surely be arranged.