Star Wars Confirms Holdo & Lando’s Secret Romance Between Movies

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Wars #31!The Star Wars franchise is known for frequently revisiting its past eras to add new connections and nuances to the saga. Now, it’s forging a major new connection, as a previously unknown romance connects two heroes from the Original and Sequel trilogy.

In Star Wars #31 by Charles Soule and Andrés Genolet, the Rebel heroes find themselves imprisoned on the Kezarat Colony, a small civilization that has been stranded in No-Space since the Great Hyperspace Disaster of the High Republic. Each character has been paired up together in a prison cell: Chewbacca and Lobot, Luke and Leia, and Holdo and Lando. With their captors busy planning their new work duties, Lando attempts to stave off his boredom by offering to play Holdo in a card game. She refuses to play Sabacc given his reputation to cheat, and after Lando then confides his regret over building his reputation as a two-faced scoundrel, she offers an alternative way of passing the time. Holdo and Lando then kiss.

Holdo Sees Lando’s Desire for Redemption

While Lando Calrissian is famous for his charisma, he’s known for one-time connections over real relationships. He’s been with the likes of Imperial Moff Ssaria, Rebel strategist Kaasha Bateen, and even had an implied love connection with his co-pilot droid L3-37 and Crimson Dawn leader Qi’ra. His dalliances were usually casual, or often involved one or more partners having an ulterior motive. But Lando’s relationship with Holdo is genuine and unique as his honesty and vulnerability are what make an impression on Holdo, not his flirtatious, arrogant smuggler facade.

Amilyn Holdo’s newfound relationship with Lando Calrissian certainly has an interesting foundation. When Lando laments that people may never truly forgive him after betraying Han Solo on Cloud City, Holdo advises that he work to convince himself that he’s been redeemed before he tries to convince others. Holdo is as astute as ever in her opinion, and it shows that she is a quick study when it comes to roguish pilots who ultimately mean well. Lando of course is appreciative of the pep talk, which may have even been a huge factor in motivating him to lead the assault on Death Star II, arguably his most heroic act that earned him forgiveness.

Lando & Holdo’s Connection Redefines His History

This relationship seems to have started out based on mutual respect and honesty but according to canon, it can’t last due to the fact that Lando ended up a hermit on Pasaana until Palpatine’s return and Leia’s death in The Rise of Skywalker. Lando’s daughter Kadara was also born years after Return of the Jedi when he was with a Twi’lek named Kaasha Bateen, although she has never been confirmed to be Kadara’s mother nor Lando’s wife. While the relationship isn’t fated to last, Holdo and Lando’s new connection is a significant moment for the reformed scoundrel, as Star Wars shows how this surprising connection helped define his road to redemption.

Star Wars #31 is available now from Marvel Comics.