Star Wars Crossovers Teased By Mandalorian Showrunner After Season 3

Showrunner Jon Favrea provides an exciting update on The Mandalorian season 4 while teasing upcoming Star Wars crossovers. The Mandalorian was the first Star Wars story to be set shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi, and this year will see that period become even more important to the franchise. 2023 will see the launch of two other Disney+ TV shows in this part of the Star Wars timeline, Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew. Lucasfilm has seemed to be setting up crossover events in the future.

In a new interview with French entertainment outlet BFMTV INSIDE, Favreau reveals that the script for The Mandalorian season 4 has already been completed, perhaps meaning there won’t be a significant wait between the upcoming Mandalorian season 3 and the show’s next chapter. Even more importantly, though, he also confirms the need for this script to be aware of the shows surrounding it.

« And then [Dave Filoni’s] doing Ahsoka, which I’m producing with him, but he’s the writer and showrunner on that. And so, to understand what’s happening on other shows or even Skeleton Crew, they all take place in the same Star Wars time period. So, there’s a lot more things that we have to keep in mind and stuff that we’ve built up to from previous seasons of The Mandalorian as well.

Favreau’s comments strongly imply crossovers and common narratives running through the Star Wars Disney+ TV shows.

Mandalorian Season 4 Will Begin Setting Up The Star Wars Television Crossover

Certain characters in the Mandoverse have already begun to cross over into spinoffs, with both Temeura Morrison’s Boba Fett and Rosario Dawson’s live-action Ahsoka Tano making their debuts in The Mandalorian season 2 ahead of their own shows. The Book of Boba Fett then featured Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and Grogu, actually treating Boba Fett as something of a secondary character; it reunited Din Djarin and Grogu for The Mandalorian season 3, and set up a quest of redemption for Din that is expected to drive the season’s story.

It’s believed the major reason for the Mandoverse crossovers will lie in a character called Grand Admiral Thrawn. Once a critical figure within the Empire, Thrawn was lost in the Unknown Regions shortly before the original trilogy. Ahsoka already teased his return in The Mandalorian season 3, and it’s significant Favrea specifically mentioned Ahsoka as well as Skeleton Crew when discussing shows he had to keep in mind while writing The Mandalorian season 4.

This new update on The Mandalorian season 4 is particularly exciting given the broader context of Favreau’s comment. Based on this news, the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ TV shows really do look set to tie together – and ultimately cross over. Momentum for this crossover will surely begin in The Mandalorian season 3, which premieres on Disney+ on March 1.


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