Star Wars Eclipse Story Leaks Were Reportedly Done By Quantic Dream

Early plot details for Star Wars Eclipse were intentionally leaked by Quantic Dream to gauge feedback during development, according to a new report. There were plenty of rumors about the studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human working on a brand-new Star Wars game last year, until High Republic-set Star Wars Eclipse was officially revealed during The Game Awards. The ominous trailer featured plenty of familiar aliens and droids from the Star Wars universe, along with some hints that the Trade Federation could be involved in the game’s branching storyline. Star Wars Eclipse will be set in the High Republic era, many decades before the events of the nine-film Skywalker Saga Star Wars fans are readily familiar with, which has so far only been explored through novels and comic books.

Late last week, a podcast named Sacred Symbols claimed to have seen materials and story details for Star Wars Eclipse, including reports that Sarah, the game’s female lead, will be part of a new Star Wars alien species called the Zaraan. The Zaraan are said to pride themselves on “political and military aggression,” but Sarah will find herself faced with conflict due to her marriage to the more peaceful Xendo. These claims weren’t officially confirmed at the time of the podcast, but a new report seems to indicate that Sacred Symbols’ leaks came from Quantic Dream itself.

According to a new report from Insider Gaming, the information featured in Sacred Symbols’ Star Wars Eclipse podcast was said to be part of a “controlled leak” from Quantic Dream as part of an effort to gauge community reactions and help recruit new talent to work on the game. Insider Gaming elaborates further in its latest article, which also describes many of the past rumors surrounding Star Wars Eclipse. Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty has claimed that Star Wars Eclipse is “not really in production yet,” and that Star Wars Eclipse’s branching story is being co-written by Quantic Dreams founder David Cage.

This last detail is already a major source of controversy for Star Wars Eclipse, as there have been cries to boycott the game due to past allegations of sexual harassment and derogatory comments from David Cage. Star Wars Eclipse is also reportedly suffering from “major engine problems” that could delay Star Wars Eclipse until 2027 or later. Further complications arose when Quantic Dreams was sold to NetEase earlier this year. Despite all this, Quantic Dreams still insists that Star Wars Eclipse is still on schedule – though many fans are skeptical in the wake of the many troubling reports surrounding its development.

In the meantime, it seems that Quantic Dream is leaking plot details about Star Wars’ first High Republic game to see how fans will react to the plot the studio is devising. This includes the game’s lead character Sarah and the new Zaraan race she is a part of. In any case, it seems like it will still be a long time before players can see these developments for themselves in Star Wars Eclipse, even without all the production issues and controversies that seem to be plaguing the High Republic-set title.

Source: Insider Gaming/Twitter, Insider Gaming