Star Wars Reveals the Consequences of a Jedi Mind Trick Backfire

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars #28

The Star Wars franchise finally reveals exactly what happens to a person after falling for a Jedi mind trick – as well as the real consequences when one realizes one is being tricked. The Force is a source for many abilities used by both Jedi and Sith (as well as unaffiliated Force users in the Expanded Universe), ranging from moving objects with one’s mind to image projection, as seen in The Last Jedi. But Star Wars #28 shows how other, non-Force users are affected by the constant use of Jedi mind tricks, and how they shake off the effect…if they can at all.

The ability is one of the very first uses of the Force seen in the Star Wars franchise; in the first film, Obi-Wan tricks a pair of Stormtroopers into letting him through a checkpoint without showing his identification. He later explains a trick like this works better on the weak-minded, and indeed the tactic later fails on Rey in The Last Jedi, but works on Poe Dameron (albeit with considerable resistance from the latter). Outside of the Jedi and Sith, only a select few species are immune to Jedi mind tricks, such as Toydarians like Watto and Jabba the Hutt.

In Star Wars #28, written by Charles Soule with art by Andres Genolet, the Rebel Alliance detects an Imperial shuttle’s emergency distress signal on the city planet Coruscant; an accompanying message claims the crashed shuttle’s crew wishes to defect, but the Rebels suspect foul play. Luke Skywalker decides to go to Coruscant, and when a Rebel official protests, Luke explains that « …risks you’d never take aren’t risks for me at all. » The Commodore repeats Luke verbatim before realizing what Luke has done: use a Jedi mind trick on an ally. « I get your point, » he finally says. « But never do that to me again. »

The Commodore is clearly shocked that Luke would resort to such a tactic on an ally. He’s flustered and perhaps even angry. In this way, Star Wars reveals that those who fall under the effects of the Jedi mind trick remember the trick in question, and contrary to other franchises with mind control, are fully aware of their actions after the fact. Luke Skywalker, one presumes, lessened the effect and clearly only meant to demonstrate his abilities, but this nevertheless only serves to prove that Jedi mind tricks can easily be traumatizing.

Later on in the comic, Luke comes across a squad of Coruscant security forces, and he realizes there are far too many for him to trick at once. The Jedi mind trick clearly has limits, and Luke has neither the training nor the time to surpass those limits. But the Jedi mind trick, once the most mysterious of Force powers in Star Wars, is now revealed to be a distressing tactic to experience.