Stranger Things Season 5 Gets Exciting Filming Start Update

Stranger Things season 5’s production gets an exciting update from Netflix, confirming that filming will officially commence in 2023. Earlier this summer, Stranger Things enjoyed a record-breaking return to screens after a brief hiatus, with season 4 of the beloved sci-fi show bringing with it a whole host of terrifying and heartbreaking moments. Stranger Things’ 2016 debut introduced audiences to a group of young friends who live in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, with each new season following their various pursuits in protecting their hometown from the supernatural forces that dwell there.

Stranger Things season 4 brought audiences its darkest season to date as it introduced a horrifying new threat in Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower. As Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her friends sought to destroy this humanoid creature following its string of murders within their town, season 4 ended in the midst of Vecna’s reign of terror, with the villain seemingly only wounded after his final battle with Eleven. Since season 4’s release Stranger Things’ creators the Duffer brothers have offered a handful of teases for season 5, though very few details have been revealed as to when audiences can expect it to arrive.

In a recent profile on Brown which discusses the star’s upcoming projects, the official Netflix publication, Netflix Queue confirmed that Brown will officially begin filming Stranger Things season 5 « next year. » No exact dates were confirmed, nor were any further details about the series’ production offered. However, this now confirms previous audience speculation that filming for Stranger Things season 5 would begin in 2023.

This update also confirms previous comments made by Stranger Things star David Harbour who, earlier this year, stated that as far as he knew, the plan was to begin shooting season 5 in 2023, so it’s great to hear things are still on track. As for what this could mean for Stranger Things season 5’s release date, it will all depend on whether shooting begins early or late next year. Filming on Stranger Things season 4 officially wrapped in September 2021, with the season then released on Netflix in May 2022, therefore, there’s a good chance that Stranger Things season 5 could hit screens in 2024, with it most likely to release over the summer in line with each season’s previous release window.

It’s exciting to hear that things are moving steadily along behind the scenes of Stranger Things as they now head towards their fifth and final season. Historically, production on Stranger Things has always remained tightly under wraps, with few secrets having been revealed, or even teased, right up until the show’s official release. With many expecting to see the story of Stranger Things come full circle with a renewed focus on Will in season 5, audiences are sure to be somewhat nervous as the gang’s final showdown with Vecna now looms. As the cast and crew of Stranger Things now prepare to reunite for the last time, hopefully season 5 isn’t too far away from its much-anticipated release.

Source: Netflix Queue