Suicide Squad 3 Secretly Set Up In Black Adam?

Warning: This contains SPOILERS for Black Adam!

One moment in Black Adam may have perfectly set up Suicide Squad 3 for the DC Extended Universe. The two DCEU franchises surprisingly became connected in Black Adam thanks to cameos from Task Force X’s leader Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and ARGUS agent Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland). The appearances of the two characters paved the way for another massive reveal, as Black Adam was eventually imprisoned in a newly revealed Task Force X prison beneath the arctic. Only a small part of Black Adam’s ending takes place at this new DCEU location, but the setting itself could secretly be a key piece of Suicide Squad 3 setup.

The brief looks at Task Force X’s black site includes a tease that Black Adam is far from the only powerful DC character trapped in suspended animation. Black Adam’s time at the base shows countless other Task Force X prisoners that Amanda Waller has subdued. While it is only through Doctor Fate’s powers that Black Adam escapes, the moment is proof enough that these Task Force X prisoners could all escape. This is the perfect story for James Gunn to tell in Suicide Squad 3 (or even the Amanda Waller HBO Max spinoff). Some of the more powerful prisoners in Black Adam could also break free, leaving it up to the Suicide Squad to clean up the mess.

The quickness in which Black Adam’s tease comes leaves the identity of the Task Force X prisoners up for debate. Considering it is a black site meant to house the most dangerous DC villains, Suicide Squad 3 could utilize several deadly threats. The movie could reveal that previous Suicide Squad members like Deadshot or Katana are now trapped there, while Deathstroke could also be kept here. The events of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could even leave Black Manta under Task Force X’s control. The DCEU could even have Cheetah return after Wonder Woman 1984 with her powers restored.

Of course, Suicide Squad 3 could also use the Task Force X prisoners to introduce a host of new villains. Popular DC villains like Captain Cold, Clayface, Bane, Vandal Savage, and Reverse-Flash could all be candidates to be one of Black Adam’s prisoners. This would give Suicide Squad 3 a chance to utilize some of the biggest characters from the comics. That would be a big change for the franchise to give the next iteration of the Suicide Squad some truly formidable opponents.

With Black Adam potentially setting up Suicide Squad 3’s story and new prisoners, there is a chance that Dwayne Johnson will appear in the sequel. One of the original ideas for Suicide Squad 2 included Black Adam as the MacGuffin and final villain, but that was before James Gunn took control of the franchise. Black Adam connects the anti-hero to the Task Force X program in several major ways, and it is clear that Amanda Waller views him as a threat. This would allow a Black Adam appearance in Suicide Squad 3 to be quite natural, especially if the new Task Force X team is successful in capturing the escaped prisoners.