Super Mario: 9 Most Relatable Tweets About Playing The Games

Nintendo fans are preparing for 2023, as the year is going to be a big one for Super Mario. In addition to the movie starring Chris Pratt, Mario will continue to see continued support on Nintendo platforms, with a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey already in development.

For 40 years, Mario has been part of the gaming world, beginning as Jumpman in the original Donkey Kong platformer. Playing his games can range from relaxing to frustrating, and many have gone to Twitter to explain their thoughts on playing the games.

When non-mainline Mario games are brought up, Mario Kart is often the first one that comes to mind. It has been on every Nintendo system released since the Super Nintendo and it has even become Nintendo’s most important game, outselling Super Mario Bros. (per Insider). However, playing the games can be incredibly frustrating.

Losing to a friend in Mario Kart can be one of the worst moments of a person’s entire hour. At that moment, the gamer rage will come over even the least devoted fans, especially on some of the game’s infamously frustrating courses. Racing through Mario Kart’s creative courses is fun, but running off of Rainbow Road is certainly not.

When fans of Mario and Sonic were dreaming of a crossover between the two, a licensed Olympic game was likely not what came to mind. Still, these games are fun and often end up on store shelves every time the Olympics came around. During the Wii era, the games were as immersive as possible, as the Wii was home to great sports games, but came with the issues motion control typically had.

While this satirical tweet is mentioning the 2010 version of the game, it could apply to any of them on the Wii. People will not break their wrists, but they will put a shocking amount of effort into things like curling that their arms just might feel tired towards the end. They are still fun games to play though with a couple of friends though.

Regardless of how poorly it may have aged, Super Mario 64 remains a beloved game that added a new dimension to the Mario universe and was one of the first games to truly understand 3D gaming. It has been ported to numerous other counsels and even got a remake for the DS in 2004. People will be playing the game for years to come.

This tweet perfectly captures the magic of playing the game. Exploring the open world and seeing what else is in the game is as fun the first time as it is the 100th time. Super Mario 64 will live forever as the game continues to be fun for everyone.

Mario Kart Tour was a disappointment. The game can be fun, but a phone is not the best place for a Kart racer, and much like other free-to-play games, microtransactions can kill the joy of playing it. A lot of times, characters unlocked will not be the ones most desired.

Obviously, there are ways to avoid getting the same character all the time. But that would cost enough money to go and buy an actual Mario Kart game. It is not the best way to play Mario Kart, and recent additions to its courses to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have been welcomed. Maybe some characters could be ported over too.

Paper Mario is one of the most inconsistent series in the Mario franchise, with some games beloved by fans and critics. However, they always catch the eye of whoever is playing them due to their unique art style, great for some adorable Paper Mario fan art, that makes them stand out from other games. This is especially important when children are the ones playing the games.

Adults come to appreciate games for the gameplay as they get older. The early Paper Mario games are full of unique characters and stories that are far different from other Mario games. Even today, that can still sometimes be felt. Hopefully, the gameplay can return to form when they make a new game.

Mario 3D Allstars could have been much better, but it still gave players an opportunity to play three classic Mario games on the switch. Waiting for the game to come in may have taken some time, but many got to play games they grew up with for the first time in a long time with the new port.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest games in the Mario universe. Having it portable was one of the things gamers had always dreamed of. People would have waited forever for this game to come out because it meant so much to them as a kid. It really shows how important Mario is to a lot of people.

The New Super Mario Bros. games are noteworthy for their love of coins, especially the 3DS version. Collecting them in the game can be very fun and give people some sort of enjoyment. As this Twitter user points out, the sound of coins being collected is a favorite for devoted fans due to the satisfaction that comes with it.

2D Mario games will always have their charm as it is the type of Mario so many grew up with. Collecting all of these coins in this form gives players a sort of nostalgia that can not really be replicated.

Nintendo is usually very good at keeping their games alive, but they arguably made a mistake discontinuing Super Mario 35, a 2020 Battle Royale spin on the classic. A lot of people loved the game and while it may be gone, it’s certainly not forgotten – as this tweet shows.

As it was made to celebrate Mario, taking it off the servers was upsetting for devoted fans. This tweet actually gives a relatable stance on the feeling of not being able to play the title, which may be just the worst gaming punishment.

Super Mario World is considered one of the best games ever made. People of any age can pick up a game and just enjoy playing it due to its fun and creative worlds. As shown here, the player does not even need to be good to enjoy it.

The hallmark of a good game is how much can everyone enjoy it. If someone is bad at a game and wants to keep on trying, that’s the sign of a well-made game. Super Mario World keeps players coming back, and that is what makes it so special over 30 years later.