Superman & Lois’ Tal-Rho Decision Avoided Ruining S2’s Biggest Reveal

In the season 2 finale, Superman & Lois avoided a major problem with its Arrowverse retcon by finding a new home for Tal-Rho. Played by Adam Rayner, season 1’s main villain spent the majority of the season behind bars but finally obtained his freedom toward the end of the story. And when things wrapped up, Tal-Rho found himself with a whole new status quo.

Instead of remaining on Earth, Tal-Rho has elected to make the big move to Bizarro World. His decision was revealed at the end of the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, which saw him enter a bar in the Bizarro version of Smallville. It seems that since his Bizarro counterpart is dead, Tal-Rho will be able to take his place and continue his journey there. While this could make further appearances in the main storyline problematic, it felt like a logical choice from the perspective of the character. While he may have gained some ground in terms of where he stands with the Kents, he’s still a fugitive guilty of a multitude of crimes, thus making it impossible for him to live peacefully on Earth.

It’s worth noting that moving Tal-Rho to Bizarro World was good not only for the character but also for the show in general. The series made a game-changing reveal when it confirmed that Superman & Lois occupies its own Earth in DC’s multiverse. In separating Clark from the Arrowverse, the series has succeeded in justifying any story that hinges on Clark being the planet’s only super-powered hero. Superman & Lois pretending like Supergirl and Flash didn’t exist was an issue before, but retconning itself out of the Arrowverse has resolved that problem permanently. However, having a redeemed Tal-Rho on hand would have defeated the entire purpose of the retcon.

As noted above, Tal-Rho’s season 2 ending creates obstacles toward the character returning in future episodes. With him on the other side of the barrier between worlds, Superman & Lois could easily move on without him. But if it does use him again, there are avenues it can explore with the former villain. With Bizarro Superman dead, Bizarro World could be in desperate need of a new hero to rise up and become its new protector. Despite his villainous past, Tal-Rho is now the best candidate to fill that void. When Clark sees him again, Tal-Rho may have already settled into his role as Bizarro World’s Superman replacement.

Regardless of what this may mean for Tal-Rho’s screentime (or lack thereof) in Superman & Lois season 3, this was arguably the best direction for the show to take in light of the show’s new superhero rules. Clearly, the series intends to maintain the notion that Superman and Steel are all the world has to depend on when a new threat emerges. The presence of another character sharing all of Superman’s Kryptonian abilities would go a long way toward undermining that approach.