Teen Wolf: Why Allison Was Killed Off In Season 3

Frankly, Teen Wolf could’ve continued playing out Allison and Scott’s relationship amidst their break-up, with the former still having a lot more interesting stories left to tell for her character. That’s why fans were shocked when she was written out of the show and killed off in the season 3 finale episode titled « Insatiable. » The character went out heroically as she died of a fatal stab wound from an Oni sword. It was a bittersweet farewell to one of the show’s coolest characters, but as it turns out, the decision to end Allison’s arc in Teen Wolf wasn’t anyone else’s decision but Reed’s.

As the actress herself explained to EW, she was the one who asked to leave the series. Like other actors who left Teen Wolf on their own, Reed shared that she wanted to explore more things creatively as she feels the need to do something more age-appropriate considering that Allison is technically 12 years younger than her in real life. The show’s creative team was supportive of her decision, with showrunner Jeff Davis even promising her a great send-off which he followed through considering how Allison went out. Reed recalled:

The actress’ next outing after wrapping up Teen Wolf was in the indie film Too Late (2015), she then followed it up with the horror feature, Ghostland (2018). Still, Reed made her way back to the small screen. After a guest appearance, she booked the role of Sofia Falcone on Fox’s prequel DC show, Gotham. She played the character for 14 episodes in season 4. After that, she remained in the comic book TV world nabbing the lead role in DC Universe’s Swamp Thing.