Terry Silver Must Return To Cobra Kai (To Finish Kreese’s Story)

Even though Terry Silver has been defeated, Kreese’s story makes the villain’s return necessary for Cobra Kai season 6. In the season 5 finale, the combined efforts of the show’s main characters culminated in Silver finally losing control of the Cobra Kai dojo and the trust of his students. It would seem, based on the ending of the episode, that Cobra Kai is ready to move on to a new challenge.

While the Cobra Kai season 5 finale left the impression that Silver’s storyline has been concluded, some major loose ends remain, one of which being the plotline involving Kreese. When Kreese was arrested in the season 4 finale, he promised to get revenge on his former friend. But while he did get to play a role in Silver’s defeat by providing Daniel and Johnny with valuable information about Silver’s goals, that’s hardly the kind of revenge that suits Martin Kove’s character. What the shocking betrayal in the finale teased was a vengeful Kreese eventually getting out of prison and getting payback on Silver, but of course, the payoff for that setup can’t happen unless Cobra Kai season 6 brings back both characters.

How Cobra Kai Can Keep Terry Silver In Season 6

Terry Silver’s downfall certainly has not taken his character off the table for future seasons. After all, the ending never promised Terry Silver would be imprisoned. Daniel made a comment about the problems this would create for Silver’s lawyers, but that was far as the show went. When Cobra Kai returns, it could be revealed that Silver beat the charges against him and succeeded in avoiding a prison sentence. With his wealth and connections, Silver avoiding legal consequences for his actions isn’t an unfathomable scenario.

It’s worth noting that Cobra Kai may have already laid the groundwork for Terry Silver’s story to be resumed in season 6. Moments in season 4 that hinted at a serious, possibly life-threatening medical condition suggested that Silver was harboring an ominous secret about his health. Those suspicions were magnified by the scene where Silver inexplicably showed up at the hospital. It’s unlikely that Cobra Kai would include these hints and teases without any intention of paying them off later. It makes sense that Cobra Kai plans to dive deeper into Silver’s medical problems in season 6 while also exploring his unresolved feud with Kreese.

What Kreese’s Next Story Could Be

Cobra Kai gave Kreese reasons to keep his rivalries with Daniel and Johnny alive, so a continuation of that conflict is almost guaranteed to occur at a later date. But while there’s no question that the two breaking their deal earned his ire, it’s not enough to justify a season-long vendetta against them. The brunt of Kreese’s rage in Cobra Kai season 6 should be aimed at Terry Silver, who could still be living comfortably in his California home when the series comes back. Getting his body in shape for one last fight might be Kreese’s next goal. When he’s ready, a brutal Silver vs. Kreese showdown could unfold in the show. Silver’s skills put the odds in his favor, but an angry, very motivated Kreese shouldn’t be underestimated.

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