The Boys & Jensen Ackles’ New Show Joke About the Star’s Rabid Fanbase

This week, the official Big Sky Twitter account made a post gently ribbing Ackles’ intense fanbase. The caption reads « Us: Posts literally anything about Beau Arlen; Jensen Ackles fans: » accompanied by a gif of Ackles saying « I like it. » A fan responded by saying they should see how the Ackles fans handled his appearance on The Boys, and Big Sky confirmed that they have been sharing notes with the folks at The Boys. Never one to be left out, the official Twitter account for The Boys chimed in, sharing a photo of Ackles and a pen. Check out the original thread of Tweets below:

The Boys is known for its consummately irreverent Twitter presence, and it looks like Ackles’ new onscreen home is providing him with that same sensibility. They are clearly relishing the opportunity to feature the star in their next season. Although they have added several interesting stars since season 1, including Entourage’s Constance Zimmer and The O.C.’s Logan Marshall-Green, it’s more or less impossible to compete with the fanbase that starring on a popular genre series like Supernatural for over a decade can amass.

It still remains to be seen, however, if the actual content of Big Sky: Deadly Trails can deliver what Ackles fans are hungry for. The Boys is a playful sci-fi series, which was much less of a leap for Ackles after Supernatural. Big Sky is a more sober-minded crime drama, which might not appeal to those who are hoping for the second coming of Dean Winchester.