The Boys’ Karen Fukuhara Co-Stars In New Callisto Protocol Trailer

The latest gruesome trailer for the Callisto Protocol offers the first look at The Boys’ Karen Fukuhara, co-starring in the sci-fi horror game alongside Josh Duhamel. Callisto Protocol is best known for its gore and violence, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the development is led by Dead Space’s co-creator Glen Schofield.

Although players are most likely interested in slaughtering as many horrible monsters as they can in The Callisto Protocol, the game’s protagonist might also fall victim to a plethora of gruesome deaths during a given playthrough. In fact, there’s a special achievement in The Callisto Protocol for those who manage to suffer every type of death from all the dangerous creatures lurking in the game. Avoiding dying to the various hazards in the violent survival horror experience is probably a challenge on its own, but at least those who have suffered every possible fate will have an achievement unlocked.

Karen Fukuhara, known for her role as Kimiko in The Boys, is co-starring alongside Josh Duhamel in the latest gory trailer for The Callisto Protocol on Striking Distance Studios’ YouTube channel. Not only does the video offer the first look at Fukuhara’s character in action, but it also highlights the major mystery of the sci-fi horror game. Players will have to uncover the horrifying truth behind the Black Iron prison, the maximum security facility located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto (which is no longer connected to the PUBG universe). The prison has become overrun with horrifying monsters, much like the Dead Space franchise settings before it. The trailer once again focuses on gruesome combat and death animations, emphasizing melee action in close and personal fights with the game’s new terrors.

The Callisto Protocol’s latest addition to the cast is a promising sign for the game’s storytelling, although developers continue to focus heavily on the survival horror game’s visceral combat. With each trailer, the level of brutality and violence reaches new heights as more of the hideous content of the game is revealed. At Summer Game Fest, Glen Schofield presented Callisto Protocol’s first gameplay demo, which was exceptionally gory, and therefore likely appealing to genre enthusiasts and Dead Space fans.

The Callisto Protocol has done an admirable job at securing talents from the film industry. While Josh Duhamel is already involved as the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, Karen Fukuhara is a welcome addition to the cast as well. Hopefully, the actress will play a significant role in the title. On top of that, Fukuhara’s casting might attract The Boys’ audience, especially considering The Callisto Protocol shares a similar gory and violent style with the acclaimed TV series.

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Source: Striking Distance Studios/YouTube