The Boys Makes Us Worried Mother’s Milk Will Die In Season 4

Mother’s Milk could die in The Boys season 4 based on recent developments in his life and with Homelander. Prime Video’s superhero series has always made it clear that Mother’s Milk hates Supes. The Boys season 3 connected his tragic backstory to Soldier Boy, making the team’s alliance with the super soldier incredibly complicated. He has proven that he is not afraid to risk his life to take out the Supes he hates the most, and that could spell the end of Mother’s Milk’s life in The Boys season 4 based on how the show is shaping up.

The Boys season 3 ending sets up Homelander to be someone that Mother’s Milk will grow to hate even more, which could lead to his death. Mother’s Milk’s ex-wife is now with a huge Homelander supporter, which drives him crazy. Considering Todd led the charge in cheering for Homelander after he killed a Starlight supporter in public, the idea that this man will play a role in raising Mother’s Milk’s daughter will surely infuriate him. It is possible that The Boys season 4 will use this setup to have Mother’s Milk try to confront Homelander and take out Todd’s idol. This is worrying for Mother’s Milk, though, because Homelander would have no issue killing him.

Since The Boys is based on the comics from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Mother’s Milk arc in the source material can help shape his story in the show. The comics are filled with characters dying, often in unexpected ways. Mother’s Milk does die in The Boys comics. Instead of this happening when he fights Homelander or another Supe, though, Mother’s Milk’s comic death comes during a fight with Billy Butcher. Billy eventually decides to kill anyone who has been exposed to Compound V, leading to a confrontation with his teammate. Mother’s Milk’s comic death in The Boys comes after Billy detonates a grenade near his face and then strangles him.

Even though Mother’s Milk dies in The Boys comics, it would be somewhat surprising if his death happened exactly like this in the show. The series has made changes to both Mother’s Milk and Billy Butcher, and while a fight between them could happen, this would be an irredeemable act by Butcher. So if The Boys does want Mother’s Milk’s death to happen in some fashion, having him die fighting Homelander and unmasking him for the monster he really is would be a satisfying change for the show.

The Boys season 4 killing Mother’s Milk would certainly be a devastating moment for the series, but it would go a long way in raising the show’s stakes as the story progresses toward its conclusion. Now that the team seemingly will not continue using Temp-V to give themselves powers, the idea that they will all continue to survive fighting Supes is unrealistic. Mother’s Milk is the glue that holds The Boys team together in many ways, so him dying would force the team to rally around his memory as they fight Homelander and The Seven. Furthermore, it would be a signal to viewers that no one is safe as The Boys continues.