The CW’s Gotham Knights Season 1 Officially Begins Production

The CW picked Gotham Knights up to series back in May after the network was impressed with the pilot. The show is now officially starting production on season 1, as co-executive producer Natalie Abrams shared on Twitter while also revealing a significant change for the series. While the Gotham Knights pilot was filmed in Toronto, Canada, Abrams confirmed in a previous tweet that the show had relocated production to Atlanta. Gotham Knights star DiChiara also celebrated day 1 of production through his Instagram story, as did co-executive producer Jeffrey Hunt. Check out their posts below.

While most of the DC TV shows on The CW are filmed in Vancouver, Canada, Gotham Knights was the first one to base production in Toronto. However, it’s not unusual for new shows to relocate after shooting their pilot, which could be due to financial or creative reasons. Prior to getting canceled by The CW, Atlanta was the home for Black Lightning and the short-lived series Naomi. Since the beginning, Stargirl is also produced in Atlanta. While Gotham Knights season 1 will film for the next couple of months, it’s unclear how many episodes the new DC TV show will have, although the regular 13-episode order is likely the case.

As Gotham Knights season 1 gets further into filming, more details about the series will likely emerge soon. Since their continuity doesn’t match up with Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime, it seems safe to say the show takes place in a different reality within the multiverse. Time will tell if Gotham Knights will do any crossovers with the remaining shows, as Stargirl’s fate after season 3 has yet to be decided, while Superman & Lois season 3 won’t premiere until 2023. The same goes for The Flash season 9, which will officially end the series. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until The CW unveils more details about Gotham Knights season 1.