The Dark Way Evan Peters Was Affected By Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story had quite an impact on the main star of the series, Evan Peters. There are a lot of actors who have been greatly affected by the roles that they have played on the big and small screens, as well on stages, including actor Brad Pitt, and another one of those actors is Evan Peters, who’s famous for acting in American Horror Story.

The actor has received a lot of great reviews that suggest that he delivered a convincing performance while playing Jeffrey Dahmer, but it seems that playing the serial killer did not come easy to Evan Peters, even if his performance appeared flawless. Stepping into the mind of a well-known murderer can be really hard on a person, and it can have some unfortunate effects on them. Evan Peters was affected in numerous ways while he was playing killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

10/10 Evan Peters Read The Killer’s Confession

Reading or listening to someone confess that they have committed some serious crimes (especially murders) would be really hard for anyone, but this is something that a lot of actors and actresses do when they are preparing for a role. Furthermore, Evan Peters prepared to play Jeffrey Dahmer by looking at the 1992 police report. Additionally, part of that report was Dahmer’s confession.

9/10 What Playing Jeffrey Dahmer Was Like For Even Peters

Evan Peters has played a lot of different characters, and some of them have taken a toll on his mental state. Nevertheless, it seems as though the most difficult role that the star has taken on yet in his career is that of Jeffrey Dahmer. Playing a real person seems to be a lot more challenging than playing a person that is fictional.

8/10 Evan Peters Was Scared Of Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters has tackled some really interesting roles over the years, but there is one role in particular that actually scared him. The actor claimed to be scared of the things that Jeffrey Dahmer did, which is understandable. Furthermore, he was scared to act those things out himself. Nevertheless, he did a rather good job of acting out difficult scenes in the Netflix series.

7/10 Even Peters Knew He Would Have To Go To A Dark Place

Evan Peters is no stranger to playing strange and creepy roles. After all, he has starred on American Horror Story. Nevertheless, that does not mean that he had an easy time preparing to play Jeffrey Dahmer. When he learned he was going to play that character, he knew that it was not going to be easy. Mentally, he went to a very dark place.

6/10 How The Crew Helped Even Peters While Filming Jeffrey Dahmer

Since taking on a role like Jeffrey Dahmer can be hard on a person mentally, they have to find something that will keep them from feeling too down when they are filming. In Evan’s case, the crew that worked on Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is part of what kept him from going too far into the dark place his mind went to.

5/10 What Evan Peters Thinks About Jeffrey Dahmer’s Story

While there are a lot of movies and television shows that show viewers some really interesting things, sometimes reality is much more dramatic. Furthermore, that seems to be the case when it comes to this Netflix series. In fact, Evan Peters was shocked that the events that viewers see in the Netflix series actually happened in real life.

4/10 How Evan Peters Prepared To Play Jeffrey Dahmer

A lot of actors and actresses go through really serious transformations both mentally and physically to play some of their roles. Furthermore, that is something that Evan Peters had to do when he began filming this Netflix series.

Additionally, part of the actors’ mental transformation involved him doing a bit of reading. He decided to read books that focused on some of the crimes that Dahmer committed before he was caught, which must have been difficult.

3/10 Evan Peters Didn’t Want Any Embellishment

Filming a film or series about a real person is very difficult, and that is especially true when the person the story focuses on was a serial killer. It’s important to portray things accurately, but it is also important to be respectful to individuals that were affected by that person.

Additionally, this is something that Evan Peters kept in mind while he played Jeffrey Dahmer. He did not want to disrespect the families of Dahmers’ victims by embellishing anything.

2/10 Evan Peters Watched Interview Footage Of Jeffrey Dahmer

Listening to a recording of a serial killer talking about the crimes they committed would be hard for anyone. Furthermore, it would also be hard for most to read stories about Dahmer and other people like him as well. Another thing that would be difficult is watching an interview that they did, and that is something that Evan had to do when he was preparing to play the role of Jeffrey Dahmer in the series.

1/10 What Critics Say About Evan Peters’ Portrayal Of Jeffrey Dahmer

While Evan has proved many times that he is capable of delivering a great performance no matter what role he plays, it seems that fans think he delivered a particularly good performance in this series, since he has received lots of praise. Also, the series featured great performances by Molly Ringwald and Niecy Nash.