The Flash Proves Why Lex Luthor Is Impossible To Beat As A Villain

Some villains are harder to beat than others, and the Flash shows that it’s very difficult to overcome Lex Luthor.

Things are on a bit of a high for Wally West. After being lost in the time stream and having a mental breakdown in Heroes in Crisis, things are looking up for the speedster. He has his whole family together, and more than that, they all have superpowers. Despite the DC universe falling apart around them in Dark Crisis, Wally West’s family has largely stuck together and safely gone on adventures to foil villains and rescue Barry Allen, who was missing in action in the multiverse.

In The Flash #787 by Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin, Wally hoped to take a much-needed break. Unfortunately, his two speedster kids were too eager to get Wally up out of bed and to watch TV with him. They were arguing over what to watch and Wally was just about to turn on Terriflix, Mr. Terrific’s streaming service, when the channel changed on its own. Wally thought maybe someone bought a Lex-A, a product made by LexCorp, which he definitely didn’t want in the house.

By now it’s no surprise in the DC Universe that Lex Luthor is considered a villain to its heroes. However, due to the legal and corporate system, he may still be a free man and running his company as if he’s not a bad guy. And since his company is such a huge force, he’s constantly putting out products that have nothing to do with his aims to topple Superman and seek global domination. Unfortunately, since these products are just so good and have such a large market share, it’s extremely difficult for even heroes to avoid them.

Of course, heroes are more inclined to support the products of their fellow crime fighters. In a previous issue of The Flash, Wally ate a Mr. Terrific branded potato chip. However, not every single hero has mastered every single corner of the product market. So there are bound to be products that Lex Luthor put out that are going to be in the homes of many heroes. This becomes even harder to identify if Lex puts out a product through a subsidiary that doesn’t even have his name attached to it. So while heroes might be able to defeat Lex Luthor on the battlefield, the Flash shows that Lex will always find some way to win in the domestic market.

The Flash #787 is now available from DC Comics.