The Flash’s Interdimensional Cable is the Opposite of Rick and Morty’s

Being one of DC’s most optimistic and fun heroes, it makes sense that The Flash would put a more positive spin on a concept from Rick and Morty, the dark and nihilistic animated comedy. That is just what the series has done with its own version of « Interdimensional Cable, » one of Rick and Morty’s most iconic episodes. But instead of just being a rip off the Flash makes the idea of multiversal television its own delivering one of the best standalone stories in quite some time.

Rick and Morty is easily one of the most popular television shows of the past decade. Its comedic nihilistic worldview matches the current zeitgeist well and its endlessly inventive plots are always exciting to see. One of its earliest and most creative episodes is « Interdimensional Cable, » which features the Smith family gaining access to television shows from across the multiverse. While the episode largely serves as a vehicle to show off wacky, improvisational sketches, it also has the dark message that nothing in life matters, so you may as well waste your time watching TV. The Flash’s recent take on the concept may share the wackiness of the episode’s wildest sketches, but it draws a completely different lesson.

In The Flash #787 written by Jeremy Adams with pencils by Fernando Pasarin, the West family’s TV is abruptly hijacked by a Multiversal Wrestling League as it uses Earth for its latest battleground. As the uniquely themed fighters duke it out and tear up Central City in the process, the Flash rushes out to stop them and becomes embroiled in their fight. The League quickly ropes him in as one of their star fighters, and he must participate in an epic tag team match. Despite his initial reluctance, he ends up having a great time and learns that it’s all right to let loose and have fun every once in a while.

The utter absurdity of the Wrestling League’s commentators and members draws easy comparisons to the wacky Interdimensional TV shows and characters featured on Rick and Morty. But instead of watching the Wrestling show because life is ultimately meaningless, so they might as well, the Flash’s Family and friends watch it because they want to see how Wally does in his fight. Also, instead of the absurdity contributing to the nihilistic message that anything and everything is possible so nothing matters, the zaniness of the situation makes the Flash’s adventure more fun. The message that you should take time to enjoy life when you can, opposes the idea (from Rick and Morty) that you might as well waste your time because life is meaningless anyway. So the Flash’s version of « Interdimensional Cable » is basically the complete opposite.

Rick and Morty’s nihilism is part of its subversive charm just as much as the Flash’s optimism is what makes his comic such a joy to read. So, despite being the polar opposite of Rick and Morty, the Flash’s « Interdimensional Cable » is just as good as the Rick and Morty’s episode but in a completely different way.

The Flash #787 is available to read from DC Comics.