The Last Of Us Episode 6 Was A Stealth Reunion For Beloved ‘90s Sitcom

The Last of Us episode 6 featured a surprise reunion for two actors who starred in a beloved 1990s TV show. Bill and Frank made a huge impression on viewers when they lived out their tragic arc in The Last of Us episode 3. The couple that appeared in the opening moments of The Last of Us episode 6 may not have gotten as much screen time as Bill and Frank, but they certainly had their own impact, especially to fans of a certain 1990s TV show.

The couple in question is of course Marlon and Florence, whom Ellie and Joel encounter in a fun scene at the beginning of the latest Last of Us episode.

But as some viewers may not have realized, the scene has special significance for fans of the 1990s show Northern Exposure, who immediately recognized the actors playing Marlon and Florence. Marlon of course is played by Graham Greene, who received an Oscar nomination for Dances With Wolves, and also portrayed Leonard Quinhagak in five episodes of Northern Exposure. Florence meanwhile is played by Elaine Miles, who portrayed beloved Northern Exposure regular Marilyn Whirlwind.

Will Marlon and Florence Appear Again On The Last Of Us?

Joel and Ellie’s encounter with Marlon and Florence has all the earmarks of a one-off, giving one the distinct impression that Greene and Miles’ characters will not be seen again. However, it’s perhaps worth noting that IMDb lists Greene and Miles as appearing in two episodes, so maybe they will make a return appearance later in The Last of Us season 1 (though IMDb can of course be unreliable).

Viewers who enjoyed meeting this elderly couple living in relative peace through the post-apocalypse would certainly welcome a return Last of Us appearance. And fans of Northern Exposure absolutely would love to see more of the actors who played Leonard and Marilyn all those years ago (especially since Northern Exposure is impossible to find on streaming or in repeats on TV). But after the events that just unfolded, including the huge cliffhanger at the end of The Last of Us episode 6, the relative peace of Marlon and Florence’s world seems a very long way away.

Source: @ookeyspook/Twitter

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