The Mandalorian Endgame Plans Confirmed By Katee Sackhoff

Looking toward the future, Sackhoff teases the show’s ending in an interview with Variety at the D23 Expo. She reveals the creators know exactly where the show is heading, and that there is plenty for fans to get excited about. See Sackhoff’s full quote below:

You know, I have been told [how many seasons it will run for], but we’ll just have to wait and see if that happens. Yes. Yes [it’s the amount I thought it’d be]. (Laughs) The good thing with Dave [Filoni] and Jon [Favreau] is that they’re constantly expanding this world, and I don’t think that Star Wars fans will be lacking for content any time soon.

Sackhoff’s comments confirm there is an endgame plan, previously alluded to by Pascal and Favreau, in place for the Star Wars series, which bodes well for the show’s conclusion. With a clear trajectory set up going into The Mandalorian season 3, the only thing that might stand in the way of the series providing a well-earned, satisfying finale is the possibility that it won’t be renewed enough to reach that ending. Fortunately, the show’s enthusiastic and expansive fan base will likely continue to support it, and Favreau has proven his worth plenty of times in the past, giving its future a solid outlook. Sackhoff’s character will likely be taking on a more central role in season 3, which is expected to explore the planet of Mandalore, and therefore the history and mythology of the Mandalorian people.