The Office Creator’s Reboot Approach Beats A Revival – But Still Wouldn’t Work

Greg Daniels, the creator of the hit show, The Office, has provided his hypothetical approach to a potential reboot of his enormously popular mockumentary–but it likely still wouldn’t work. The Office wrapped up its final season in 2013, capping off one of the most successful comedies in television history. Many fans of The Office can never get enough of the show and would love to see a spinoff show materialize. However, others are perfectly content with the show’s ending and would prefer that the story end where it did.

Greg Daniels’ idea is definitely the right one should a spinoff/reboot ever come to be. He stated that rather than bringing back an old character as the main focus, like Craig Robinson’s Darryl, his plan would be to use the same world created in The Office but craft an entirely new group of characters. That way the spinoff wouldn’t interfere with the properly concluded character arcs from The Office, but could continue the world so many viewers grew to love. In fact, should a spinoff ever happen, Daniels’ idea is probably the only viable option.

The Office Really Should Never Be Revived Or Rebooted

With an ending that felt complete from a plot and character development standpoint, it may not be a good idea to do a reboot of The Office regardless of Greg Daniels’ approach. Pretty much all the characters, even the heavily featured couple, Jim and Pam, had an ending that was not only fitting, but also felt final. There would be too many things that would need to go well for a new show to work without hurting The Office’s vaunted conclusion. Moreover, the new show would have the likely impossible task of living up to its predecessor. No matter how good the new show was it would have an extremely difficult time not being a disappointment when compared to The Office.

Will More Of The Office Ever Happen? It’s Probably Inevitable

The Office is one of the most streamed television shows of all time. As such, it is very likely that eventually there will be some sort of attempt to revive the show. All the big streaming services are looking to build franchises that will keep audiences bought into their service. Even if it leads to forced awkward storylines, like Andy and Erin’s romance in The Office, it is not unlikely that NBC will force together some kind of reboot to bring in subscribers on Peacock.

The Office experienced a level of success that might never be reached by another comedy. Its overall impact as a commercial and cultural phenomenon in television will probably never be repeated. That doesn’t mean, however, that nobody will try. If there is a reboot of The Office, it’s best to leave all the old characters out, as Greg Daniels suggested. Any attempts to revive the show must understand that it would require a brand-new set of characters and circumstances, or risk hurting the vastly adored series finale and inevitably fall short of an impossibly high standard.