The Rings Of Power Created A Big Season 2 Problem For Adar

Adar has a big problem going into season 2 of The Rings of Power. The Elf/Proto-Orc who led his children, the Orcs, into the Southlands has found a home for them in the newly dubbed and created Mordor. Up until the 6th episode of season 1, there was much speculation that Adar could be Sauron, but this was dispelled when Adar claimed that he had killed Sauron. An antagonistic connection has been established between the two, and a clash in season 2 is inevitable.

Halbrand and Adar encountered one another in « Udûn », The Rings of Power episode 6. Galadriel and Halbrand chased down Adar as he fled from the Numenoreans. After knocking him from his horse, Halbrand, in an aggressive stance with his lance point at Adar’s throat, asked, « Do you remember me? » Adar replied, « No. » This clearly angered Halbrand as it was evident that he recognized Adar. This scene became more clear in the final episode of season 1 when Halbrand revealed to Galadriel that he was Sauron. The stage has been set for a major conflict between Sauron and Adar.

Sauron’s Return Is Bad For Adar In Rings Of Power Season 2

Adar unwittingly paved the way for Sauron to rule in Mordor. His actions directly caused the Southlands’ transformation into Mordor, as well as the creation of Mount Doom. He did this to make a home for the Orcs, as he had promised, where they could live away from the light. Adar set himself up as master of the land. At the end of the season finale of The Rings of Power, Sauron was seen heading toward Mordor. The problem here is that Adar and the Orcs are already there and not predisposed in his favor. Sauron’s arrival in Mordor will not be a welcome one.

Why Adar (Probably) Dies In Rings Of Power Season 2

When Sauron enters Mordor in The Rings of Power season 2, it’s not likely that he will embrace Adar, thank him for his efforts, and allow him into his service. It’s equally unlikely that Adar will bow to Sauron again. They are both vying for the same thing. The Orcs, having an abiding respect for Adar, will not follow Sauron willingly because they fear him. Since Sauron features prominently in the Tolkien lore that follows, Adar will be the one to die.

Adar, while not Tolkien canon, is an interesting character in that he is morally gray. His motives in wanting to make a home for the Orcs are « pure, » yet his methods are murderous. The coming confrontation with Sauron pits morally gray against evil, which creates an unusual dynamic for viewers. Of the two, Adar seems the lesser evil, but only season 2 of The Rings of Power can tell.

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