The Sandman Season 2 Demand Grows As Renewal Remains Uncertain

Fan demand for The Sandman’s Netflix renewal has only increased since those comments, particularly since as Netflix’s Tudum event is approaching. In fact, the hashtag #RenewSandman recently started trending on Twitter, a mark of fans’ longing for confirmation that the series will continue on Netflix. Take a look at what people are saying about The Sandman below:

Many of the fans that have posted pleas to Netflix have shouted out the series’ impressive cinematography, top-tier production, and faithful adaptation of the source material. The above fans and others have also posted specifically about storylines and characters from the comics they want to see that haven’t yet made it onto the screen, such as a handful of Dream’s Endless siblings. Some fans simply aren’t ready to say goodbye to the show’s protagonist or fan-favorite character Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie), while some others hope that Gaiman will be able to tell the full story he has waited so long to adapt. Season 1 did manage to wrap up many comics storylines, but the door was left firmly open for The Sandman season 2. With Netflix’s reputation for prematurely canceling shows despite their online popularity, fans are taking initiative by making their voices heard.

Gaiman has previously expressed a hope that The Sandman can continue to call Netflix home. However, the fantasy author has stated that the creative team behind the series has ensured that, if Netflix does decide to pull the plug on the show, they will have other options available and would potentially produce season 2 with another streamer. If The Sandman season 2 were to find another home, Netflix would certainly be missing out, since the passionate fan response to the series has only increased its overall relevance. In light of the series trending on Twitter, perhaps Netflix will clarify the status of The Sandman’s future soon at the upcoming Tudum event.