The Walking Dead Pays Tribute To Daryl’s Brother Ahead of Final Episodes

Before The Walking Dead’s final episodes air, a post from the official Twitter account pays tribute to Merle Dixon’s time on the show. The black and white image is accompanied by a caption reading, « You can’t always choose your family, » a reference to the tense relationship Merle had with his younger brother Daryl. Check out the image below:

This recent testament to Merle is fittingly timed, as Daryl has taken up the mantle of central character since Rick’s departure in season 9. While Merle may be gone, Daryl still has plenty of stories left. In addition to starring in the flagship series’ final episodes, The Walking Dead protagonist’s Europe-based spinoff is set to premiere next year. Daryl’s time in the world of the dead doesn’t seem to be ending soon, contrasted with the loss of his brother so early into the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead’s decision to honor Merle is a compelling choice. Scrolling through the show’s official Twitter account reveals no other deceased character has been put into the spotlight like this as of late. Perhaps Merle’s tribute hints at what’s to come in the show’s final episodes. Audiences may be expected to draw parallels between Merle’s character and the final act of The Walking Dead’s last season, either through events set to happen or decisions characters like Daryl make. No matter what its purpose may be, saluting Merle is an interesting decision that sets the stage for The Walking Dead’s final episodes, which air in just a few weeks.