The Watcher Season 2 Should Punish Karen, Says Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge reveals that she wants to see her character Karen face consequences for her actions in season 2 of Netflix’s The Watcher. Coolidge is a gifted comedic actor who has a decades-long career in film, with iconic roles in American Pie, Best in Show, and Legally Blonde. Recently, Coolidge has gained notoriety for her role as Tanya McQuoid, a wealthy and unstable woman in grief, in HBO’s The White Lotus. The actor has an instantly recognizable voice and an infectious charm that audiences have warmed up to over the course of her career.

The Watcher is a true crime drama series created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. The Netflix series is based on a real event in which new homeowners, Dean and Nora Brannock, played by Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts, receive anonymous and threatening letters indicating that someone is watching their every move. In real life, the couple quickly abandons their home out of fear, however, Murphy bends the truth in this thrilling adaptation. Coolidge plays Karen, a vindictive real estate agent who sells the Brannocks their accursed property, only to purchase it for herself when they are forced to sell. Although Karen proves she is not « The Watcher », she is still guilty of backstabbing her friend Nora and turning on the family when they needed her help.

Now Entertainment Weekly reports that Coolidge wants to see Karen receive justice in season 2 of The Watcher. In spite of her comeuppance, Coolidge is not, so sure Karen has been properly punished for her actions noting that she has gotten away with a lot by the end of the miniseries. Check out her response below when prompted by Murphy on what she would like to see happen to her character in an additional season:

« I think Karen needs a good slap across the face. I think Karen needs to be punished. »

What Could The Watcher Season 2 Be About

While the Brannock family may have escaped the cursed 657 Boulevard residence, there were many mysteries left unsolved by the conclusion of the Netflix series. Most importantly, the identity of the titular « Watcher » is still a complete mystery to both the audience and the Brannocks who have exhausted the list of potential culprits. The cult-like historical preservation society remains in control over the appearance and maintenance of the home, with several questions surrounding their ultimate goals largely unanswered. Additionally, there are a series of tunnels underneath 657 Boulevard that appear to connect to the neighboring houses whose origins also remain a mystery. The Watcher closes with a new family moving into the bizarre home and a still-obsessed Dean Brannock welcomes them to the neighborhood, leaving the series wide open for a second season.

Murphy’s adaptation of the true-crime story deviates enough from the original source material that a second season of The Watcher is entirely possible. While the miniseries stands on its own as a complete story, the mystery leaves plenty of loose ends open for further exploration in an additional season. In spite of The Watcher’s success as one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, the series received harsh backlash for its non-committal ending. Season 2 of The Watcher would provide Murphy the opportunity to fill in the missing clues and write a more satisfying ending to this thrilling story.

Source: EW