There’s No Way Homelander Gets His The Boys Comics Ending Now, Right?

Homelander’s ending on The Boys is likely to be different from his downfall in the comics. Amazon’s The Boys focuses on superheroes who are anything but, with Anthony Starr’s Homelander embodying an evil riff on Superman. As the most nefarious Supe of all, the vicious, egomaniacal Homelander is known to be headed toward a major downfall just like in his comic book history.

In The Boys comics, Homelander is finally defeated by Black Noir, a clone of Homelander who orchestrates an elaborate plot to take out the narcissistic Supe. In their final fight, Black Noir literally shreds Homelander, but despite being the end many would expect for such a sinister villain, Homelander’s story is unlikely to end this way on The Boys. Indeed, the subversive, counter-cultural style of The Boys greatly indicates that Homelander’s ending on the show will be something totally new.

A key component of the popularity of The Boys lies in its shock value and its ability to keep viewers guessing. That combined with The Boys’ completely unhinged violence has been the basis for twists like Homelander’s brutal murder of Madelyn Stillwell (Elizabeth Shue), or the backstory of Shawn Ashmore’s Lamplighter, which inverted his X-Men role as Iceman. Like any comic book adaptation, The Boys also introduces its own new elements and characters, and this particularly impacts Homelander’s arc on the show.

While Homelander’s evildoer bona fides are unquestionable, the makers of The Boys are surely well aware of the anticipation viewers have for his defeat. Meanwhile, The Boys’ predilection for catching its audience off-guard is not something the show is about to drop. With Homelander’s comic book ending either known to viewers or easily accessible to them, The Boys ending Homelander’s story in an identical fashion would forsake the show’s best chance for its ultimate storytelling curveball.

With the twists, shocking deaths, and extremely adult content of The Boys, completely re-inventing Homelander’s ending would be the most emphatic punctuation mark the show could present. Following on from other changes made to Homelander from the comics, his death could be re-imagined into an even more gruesome demise, perhaps at the hands of a different character like A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) or Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Alternatively, The Boys could maintain a Black Noir successor as Homelander’s killer, only to completely change the circumstances of his death as the show is wont to do.

With his laundry list of horrendous acts of villainy, Homelander is very much due for his just deserts. Be that as it may, The Boys would be remiss to not make Homelander’s righteous defeat into as much of a shock as the series is capable of delivering. With his well-deserved downfall set up on The Boys, Homelander having his powers non-fatally stripped would itself be a fate worse than death from his perspective. A re-invented horrific demise would be equally fitting for Homelander, but in either event, The Boys will likely create a whole new version of Homelander’s toppling.

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