These 8 Celebrities Are Set To Guest Star On Season 6 Of Big Mouth

With season 6 of Big Mouth set to premiere in October 2022, Netflix has announced an exciting list of celebrity guests. Joining everyone’s favorite cartoon teens and their hormone monsters are the voices of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood behind a cast of new quirky characters. While not all of the new characters’ names have been revealed yet, a variety of A-listers have been confirmed to join the cast.

With this season focused on family, the trailer reveals a series of wild high jinks from DNA tests to a father-daughter dance. The trailer gives glimpses of each character’s family and the unique struggles they face, including hormone monster Maury’s pregnancy with he and Connie’s child, which connects a plot line from spin-off Human Resources with the plot of Big Mouth. The trailer also showcases this season’s parodies of popular shows and movies including Bridgerton, Mama Mia, and Pretty Woman.

8/8 Jeff Goldblum

Look out for the shiny new tech toy of season 6, the Apple Brooch, voiced by Jeff Goldblum! In a recently released preview clip, Nick spots Jessi with the new Apple Brooch, a gift from her parents in an attempt make up for their ongoing divorce drama. The Apple Brooch then goes on to speak to Nick, convincing him to ask his mom to buy him one of his own with promises that owning an Apple Brooch will make him more attractive to others at school.

7/8 Adam Levine

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has made headlines this month after his recent cheating scandal, but he has also recently been confirmed as a guest star on the new season of Big Mouth. The trailer also showcases what appears to be Levine’s character performing a big musical number during the season, giving him a chance to show off his famous vocals alongside main character Lola in a Mama Mia-style number.

6/8 Bryan Tyree Henry

Actor Bryan Tyree Henry joins the season as Elijah, a new love interest of Missy. In a recent preview clip posted to the show’s Instagram, Elijah is seen struggling to make sense of how to reconcile his religious rules and his budding relationship with Missy and seeking advice from Jesus about what to do.

5/8 Tyler The Creator

Rapper Tyler the Creator joins the guest star roster this season as none other than Jesus! A recently released preview clip shows Tyler the Creator as Jesus advising Missy’s love interest Elijah about getting close to her on the dance floor.

4/8 Chris O’Dowd

Returning as his character Flanny O’Lympic from Human Resources, Chris O’Dowd is back in the lovebug groove! While there is no confirmation yet on whose love life Flanny O’Lympic will be involved with this time, it’s sure to involve some tender moments between characters.

3/8 Ed Helms

Actor Ed Helms is also confirmed to be joining the guest stars of Season 6, and while his character has not yet been confirmed, hilarity is sure to ensue. Best known for his comedic roles in The Office and The Hangover franchise, Helms’ history of bringing the laughs makes him a perfect fit for Big Mouth.

2/8 Annaleigh Ashford

Actress Annaleigh Ashford is also set to join the celebrity guest stars of Season 6. While her character’s name has not been officially confirmed, Ashford did repost the Season 6 trailer on Instagram earlier this month, stirring up excitement about her role in the series. Ashford has a wide variety of acting roles in her background, having played many different characters in a multitude of movies, TV shows and Broadway productions including Legally Blonde: The Musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again and sitcom B Positive.

1/8 Steve-O

Best known for his wacky comedic stunts in the Jackass franchise, stuntman Steve-O is also confirmed to make a guest appearance on Big Mouth season 6. These days Steve-O is still up to his typical wild stunts, in addition to having a podcast, creating YouTube content and embarking on a worldwide adults-only comedy tour. There is no confirmation yet on which new character he will be playing, but if his past comedic work is any indication, he’s set to be a hilarious addition to this season’s guest star list.