Umbrella Academy’s Timeline Reset Created A Stan Problem For Season 4

The Umbrella Academy season 3 ended with a reset timeline, but this change created a Stan problem for season 4. Stan was first introduced as Lila and Diego’s son, but season 3 later reveal the child was in fact the son of Lila’s friend Trudy. Lila used him to test out Diego’s parental instincts since she was pregnant with his child. Despite being used as a test, Lila admitted to caring for him more than his own mother, and Diego also learned to love the boy. Unfortunately, Stan was taken away by the kugelblitz, but there is still hope for him to return in season 4.

However, bringing him back is a complicated matter, because if Stan was to return in The Umbrella Academy season 4, he likely wouldn’t be played by Javon Walton. Since Stan was borrowed in 1989 and the timeline was reset to 2019, the Stan in season 4 would be much older. Additionally, Stan likely won’t have any knowledge of Diego and Lila, making any type of reunion much less emotional for Stan. Regardless, Stan deserves a second chance since his character made such an impact on one of the main members of the Umbrella Academy.

Javon Walton brought a lovable quality to the little pyromaniac, but he cannot play an adult Stan. Since he was 12 in 1989, he would be in his forties in the reset timeline. While Diego and Lila haven’t spent much time away from him, Stan has lived a full life and most likely has his own children. This may drastically change Diego’s relationship with him, but Umbrella Academy season 4 can use this to its advantage and provide an interesting narrative for Diego’s character.

Despite the unusual circumstances of their union, Diego sees himself in Stan and will likely want to look him up in the rebooted universe. Even though Diego is excited to be a parent, he’s likely still wrestling with the idea of being a parent. His own broken relationship with Reginald Hargreeves may make him feel unqualified to be a good father, since he hasn’t experienced fatherly love himself.

The Umbrella Academy season 4 presents an opportunity to explore this theme with an adult Stan. Stan may be a successful parent despite his own troubled upbringing. This success can not only give Diego the confidence to be a parent, but it gives Stan a happy ending instead of his life being cut short by the kugelblitz. Stan’s season 4 return as a grown-up can address Diego’s parental concerns and present him as more than just a trick that Lila played.