Veep Reboot Possibility Eagerly Addressed By Tony Hale

Veep star Tony Hale discusses the possibility of a reboot. Debuting on HBO in 2012, and running for seven seasons, Veep turned its examination of U.S. Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and her bumbling, bickering staff into fodder for Emmy gold and increasing critical acclaim. As it progressed, the show surprised viewers by turning its one-joke premise of a narcissistic politician into a satire that could be unflinching but also undeniably poignant at times when viewers least expected it to be.

The series ended in 2019, taking unexpected twists and turns in its final lap. But given the singular performance of Louis-Dreyfus as Meyer, not to mention a game supporting cast, many of whom won accolades of their own, there have occasionally been questions about whether Veep season 8 could potentially happen. Series creator Armando Iannucci has even joked that it could crossover with his current project, the sci-fi comedy Avenue 5.

In an interview with IndieWire to promote The Mysterious Benedict Society season 2 on Disney+, Hale eagerly discussed the potential for Veep to return. The actor, who played Gary Walsh in the HBO satire, responded to the fact that Louis-Dreyfus said that she’d want to revive Veep. Hale agreed, praising his time on the show and saying quite clearly that he’d be down to reprise his role as Selina’s adoring aide:

I would show up at her doorstep! Mentioning working with friends, to work with people that I just adore. And not just that, but the writing. As a comic actor, many times on other jobs that I’ve worked on, you know when someone thinks something is funny, or you think something is funny, but then maybe they don’t. You’re not on the same page with comedy. But with “Veep,” man, I just so admired their writing, and I so admired the jokes, and the subtlety, and the surprises. If I can do that again, I am in. I will carry a store of purses to do that show.

Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner Dave Mandel have both said that there have been discussions to revive Veep. Mandel even hinted at a path forward for the show, according to The Guardian, by using a time jump. At its best, the show was a workplace comedy at just about the highest level. Later seasons focused on Selina’s quest and manipulation for the sake of power, which drew a somewhat split response. A reboot could retool to zero in on both the earlier and later aspects that worked well.

While it’s certainly a sympathetic view that U.S. politics and world events more broadly are too grim to satirize, as Louis-Dreyfus herself has mentioned, that has always been true on some level. A reboot of Veep would have to find a smart way to address reality, whether they steer away from it or lean right into it. That seems to be the main hold-up at the moment — even though it’s evident, from Hale’s remarks and others, that the cast and crew want to work together again.

Source: IndieWire, The Guardian