Venom 3 Is The End… So, What About Secret Wars & Spider-Man Crossovers?

Sony’s upcoming Venom 3 has been described as the « final chapter » for Tom Hardy’s anti-hero, but this raises questions about his future crossovers within Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and the MCU. Despite his close connection with Spider-Man, Venom has had a wholly independent live-action journey over at Sony. Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage established Venom as the most heroic, if not the most powerful of the symbiotes, and now that Eddie Brock left part of his symbiote in the MCU during Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credits scene, Venom is expected to play a role in both franchises.

In October 2022, Kelly Marcel was confirmed to be writing and directing Venom 3, the « final chapter » of Sony’s Venom movies (via Deadline). Wrapping up Venom’s story in his third appearance isn’t detrimental for the character, as trilogies are common practice in Hollywood. However, there are still many unexplored possibilities for Eddie Brock and Venom. They haven’t met Spider-Man, haven’t crossed paths with their fellow Sony anti-heroes, and haven’t paid off Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credits setup. Venom, being Sony’s most popular character outside of Spider-Man, still has too much potential to leave behind.

Can Venom Return For Future Spider-Man MCU Crossovers?

With another MCU Spider-Man trilogy on the horizon, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s symbiote setup seems likely to be paid off in the form of a Symbiote Spider-Man storyline or a Spider-Man vs Venom crossover. Such a crossover would be a huge event in the spirit of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it would give the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe even more opportunities for successful stories later down the road. Venom 3 could be, technically, Tom Hardy’s final appearance in the SSU, after which he could be transported to the MCU so that Eddie Brock can finally face off against Peter Parker. Otherwise, it can be Eddie and Venom’s final appearance altogether, and the symbiote left in the MCU could be a new version of Venom, ready to choose a worthy symbiote host like Michael Mando’s Mac Gargan or Flash Thompson, both of whom have donned the symbiote in the comics. Either way, Marvel Studios and Sony must explain how Venom could star in Venom 3 after leaving part of himself in the MCU.

Why Venom Needs To Appear In Avengers: Secret Wars

When Peter Parker tried to replace his damaged suit on Battleworld in 1984’s Secret Wars, he discovered a symbiote, which wrapped around his body and took the form of Spider-Man’s now-iconic black suit. This part of Spider-Man’s comic book history couldn’t be translated accurately in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy due to its grounded style, but it can now be adapted faithfully in the MCU’s Avengers: Secret Wars. Avengers: Secret Wars is a perfect opportunity for Venom to have a big role in an MCU crossover without taking too much attention away from the main plot, and it can fit nicely in between Venom 3 and Spider-Man’s big-screen battle with Venom in the MCU’s Spider-Man 4 or Spider-Man 5. Besides, Avengers: Secret Wars’ multiversal story can finish bringing Eddie Brock and the original Venom to the MCU, or if Sony and Marvel Studios decide it, allow Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Tom Hardy’s Venom, and Sony’s Sinister Six to have a big free-for-all battle in a new Spider-Man-centric crossover event.

Venom’s Sony Appearances Can’t Be Over Yet

Venom’s MCU arrival would allow Spider-Man to get his iconic symbiote suit and fight one of his most famous archenemies, but it would also help Venom experience other storylines that don’t revolve around Spider-Man. Venom has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, starred in a symbiote invasion, and faced the symbiote god Knull, just to name a few of his recent comic book adventures. Sony has also been creating their own super team of anti-heroes with their first three members of the Sinister Six: Vulture, Morbius, and Kraven. Hence, it would be downright bizarre to bid Venom farewell before he got the chance to appear in an MCU or Sony crossover movie, even more so considering Venom has been Sony’s most popular character to date. Fortunately, the end of Venom’s trilogy doesn’t necessarily entail the end of his cinematic journey. Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man, for instance, have all concluded their trilogies before starring in two or more MCU films. So, while Venom 3 will be the end of an trilogy, it could very well signal the beginning of an era for Venom on the big screen.