Wait, Was That Blade’s SON In She-Hulk?!

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for She-Hulk episode 7!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced a new vampire in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 7, but was it Blade’s son? Now that Marvel Studios officially announced that Mahershala Ali’s Blade movie is moving forward, there has been increased attention on how the vampire world is being set up. It was not expected that She-Hulk would have a hand in setting up Blade, but the show has now made multiple references to vampires. This includes featuring a new vampire in She-Hulk episode 7, raising questions about his possible relation to Blade.

Marvel has given She-Hulk free rein to include various characters familiar to MCU viewers and introduce new ones. The show has already included cameos for Hulk, Abomination, and Wong, and an appearance by Daredevil is still to come. She-Hulk has also included references to Iron Man, Captain America, and even Wolverine. But one of the show’s fun quirks is the pattern of introducing obscure comic characters. She-Hulk episode 6 featured Mr. Immortal, but episode 7 went all in on this approach by including Man-Bull, Porcupine, El Aguila, and a vampire named Saracen.

Saracen does not have a major role in She-Hulk episode 7, but the introduction of another MCU vampire has created some confusion about his potential relationship with Blade. One of Saracen’s lines includes mentioning his father, and that sparked some thoughts that Saracen is Blade’s son. It seems that the MCU’s lack of build-up for vampires and the sighting of another Black vampire has wrongfully brought the assumption that She-Hulk introduced Blade’s son. This would be a surprising reveal for the MCU to make as Saracen is not Blade’s son in the comics, and Blade’s only known child is his daughter.

The MCU’s new vampire Saracen is one of Marvel’s oldest vampires in the comics. Debuting in Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1 in 1999, he is known to be one of the first vampires on Earth, although it is not confirmed exactly when he was turned into a blood-sucking creature. He belongs to a special group of vampires who live extremely long lives known as the Ancient. Saracen is joined by Nosferatu, Verdelet, Maracen, Lamia, and his servant Boy. He typically resides beneath the Vatican and has a demonic servant, Reaper. Saracen has the same powers and abilities as traditional vampires.

The introduction of Saracen to the MCU’s vampire mythology means that he could fill a similar role. She-Hulk’s vampire might not be the son of Eric Brooks, but he or his mysterious father could factor into Blade’s storyline somehow. Since the movie is expected to touch on how long vampires have been in the MCU and where they have been, using Saracen and the Ancient group to establish their place in history would be smart. Even if Saracen never returns after She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 7, the vampire world-building could still come into play if Blade or someone else knows about him.

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