Walking Dead Daryl Spinoff Begins Filming In BTS Image Of Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead spinoff Daryl Dixon has started filming in a new behind-the-scenes photo from franchise star Norman Reedus. Reedus has portrayed zombie apocalypse survivor Daryl Dixon since season 1, episode 3 of The Walking Dead. Introduced as a hot-headed tracker, Daryl soon morphed into a core character in the series, developing a brotherly relationship with protagonist Rick Grimes. After Rick Grimes sacrificed himself in season 9, episode 5 by blowing up a bridge to protect the communities he’d united from a massive Walker horde, Daryl becomes an even more central character for the show.

At present, Daryl is currently a major player in his group’s conflict with the Commonwealth, acting as one of the few hopes the main survivors have left to ensure they can halt Pamela Milton’s plans against them. While audiences don’t know how The Walking Dead will end, multiple spinoff shows following various characters from the flagship series will air in 2023. One of these is Daryl Dixon, set after the events of The Walking Dead and taking place in France. Details about the show remain under wraps, however, Reedus previously confirmed Daryl doesn’t end up in Europe of his own free will.

In a photo from Norman Reedus on Instagram, the Walking Dead star confirmed filming is underway for his Daryl Dixon spinoff series. Reedus posted an image of a thumbs up, his hand sporting a biker glove that’s in line with Daryl’s character.

Reedus’ Instagram post is just as vague as the details for Daryl’s upcoming series. Audiences now know that Daryl won’t be going to France of his own free will, indicating a group of survivors with worldwide connections may have taken him hostage. The only group viewers have been introduced to with such vast resources is the CRM, a militarized group with multiple sub-communities that want to take the world back from the dead on their own terms. Members of the group have appeared in every Walking Dead television series except for Tales of the Walking Dead and are responsible for capturing Rick Grimes in season 9 of the main series. Andrew Lincoln was recently spotted in France, sparking rumors of Rick’s return in Daryl Dixon that are sure to increase now that the series has officially started filming.

While Daryl could possibly face down the CRM and learn what happened to Rick after he was taken, he’ll also have to deal with new threats from variant Walker types. A post-credits scene from The Walking Dead: World Beyond revealed the presence of fast, aggressive zombies in France, a clear sign of how much danger Daryl will truly be in when his spinoff premieres. Their presence also promises to follow up on earlier comments from Reedus that described the series as new territory for Walking Dead fans, saying it has a « different look and different feel » to it than the flagship series. Reedus’ confirmation that Daryl Dixon has started filming is a positive development for the future of The Walking Dead, as audiences are now closer to learning what happens to Daryl when the parent show ends.

Source: Norman Reedus