Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 Trailer Shows Eugene On Trial

Eugene is on trial in a new trailer for The Walking Dead season 11 part 3. The time has almost arrived for AMC’s long-running zombie apocalypse drama to wrap up its epic decade-plus run. And fans are on pins-and-needles wondering what will happen to their favorite characters as the show prepares to air its last eight episodes.

Some Walking Dead characters’ fates are already known of course, thanks to AMC’s announcement of various TWD spinoffs starring the likes of Maggie and Negan, Daryl without Carol and the returning duo of Rick and Michonne. But many other long-time characters are still firmly endangered as The Walking Dead returns for the third bloc of season 11 episodes. Indeed, there is plenty of reason for fans to worry about the likes of Rosita, Aaron, Gabriel, Yumiko, Princess, Ezekiel, Eugene and others as conflict with The Commonwealth and the two-faced Lance Hornsby ramps up.

This brief glimpse of Eugene in court follows on a previous Walking Dead season 11 trailer, debuted at Comic-Con, that showed the character sitting alone in jail. Clearly, Eugene does something that causes him to run afoul of the Commonwealth and its power structure, which includes the aforementioned Hornsby as well as Pamela Milton. Making all this even more complicated is another shot from the new trailer showing lawyer Yumiko in the same courtroom, perhaps acting as Eugene’s defense attorney, or perhaps even serving as prosecuting attorney against him.

As for what action on Eugene’s part gets him thrown in jail, it’s fair to assume that his legal troubles are related to his being allied with Connie, Kelly and Max in trying to expose the villainous activities of Pamela Milton and her slimy son Sebastian. It’s certainly not hard to imagine Eugene engaging in covert snooping within the Commonwealth, as he did during season 11B when he was trying to find Stephanie, and getting himself nabbed by Mercer’s security forces. Of course Mercer himself now has divided loyalties, given his relationship with Princess, and the fact that his sister Max is becoming romantic with Eugene.

It’s certain that The Walking Dead season 11C will find the peace of The Commonwealth disrupted as the true natures of Milton and Hornsby come to light. But not before Eugene is imperiled through being put on trial by the very folks who at one time seemed like his people’s saviors. Of course, since this is The Walking Dead, it’s likely that things will be resolved not in a courtroom setting but through all-out warfare between the good guys and the bad guys. Fans expect nothing less than a truly explosive final confrontation as The Walking Dead returns to AMC beginning on October 2, 2022.

Source: EW