Walking Dead Showrunner Responds To Commonwealth’s CRM Connection Theory

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has responded to theories that the Commonwealth and the CRM are connected to one another. The Commonwealth has grown into the primary antagonist of The Walking Dead’s final season, with Pamela Milton hunting down the main group of survivors after the death of her son, Sebastian. Milton has captured many major characters, forcing them to work manual labor for the Commonwealth. A small group headed by veteran characters Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, and Maggie Rhee are on a mission to save their family, having acquired a radio from the Commonwealth’s train and learning many prisoners have been taken to Outpost 22, formerly Alexandria.

Beyond the main focus of The Walking Dead’s final episodes, though, are theories involving the Commonwealth’s possible connection to the CRM. The CRM – best known for capturing former protagonist Rick Grimes in season 9, episode 5 – is a militarized group of survivors with communities across the United States. Appearing more heavily in spinoff shows Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the CRM is a formidable group whose nationwide activities have led to some theories that the Commonwealth is part of their expansive reach. CRM speculation stemmed from Lance Hornsby, deputy governor of the Commonwealth, who delivered cryptic lines about his importance to the community before his demise. The antagonist’s death opened the door for a possible response from the CRM, presuming the two were connected.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kang debunked The Walking Dead fan theories that the Commonwealth and the CRM are connected. She stated that the CRM did not come up in conversation and that the group was under chief content officer Scott M. Gimple’s jurisdiction. Check out Kang’s full response below:

I can’t get into the CRM. Information about the CRM is in [Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple’s] camp. I will say that it did not not come up in conversation, though. We did talk about the fact that once you start getting into certain parts of the country, with the CRM — they have helicopters. The CRM is mysterious in their ways, so we don’t know why they choose to involve themselves in certain things and why they choose not to involve themselves in certain things. But they are aware there are groups out there.

What No CRM Means For The Walking Dead’s Ending

With Kang’s comment confirming the CRM won’t make an appearance in The Walking Dead’s final season, more mystery now surrounds how the show will end. The finality of the Commonwealth as the show’s last antagonist indicates there will be some level of closure despite the 3 spinoffs set to air next year. Gimple has teased The Walking Dead will end with a « remix » of the comic series’ ending, which hints that the biggest event of the final episode is a major character death. It’s possible that, without the CRM’s involvement, the show will have bookends for fans who want a conclusive ending.

Even so, the absence of the CRM raises questions regarding how a group as big as the Commonwealth – sporting 50,000 members – hasn’t been tapped as an ally by the heavily-militarized community. Kang’s comment hints that the CRM knows about the Commonwealth, but has no reason to get involved with them. Perhaps the finale of The Walking Dead will still set up the CRM’s appearance in spinoffs without actually showing them. Norman Reedus has said Daryl Dixon won’t be going to France in his self-titled show of his own free will, indicating a powerful group like the CRM will forcibly drop him into the country. Despite no Commonwealth connection nor an appearance in The Walking Dead’s final episodes, the CRM is still a dangerous presence that could find themselves entangled with the show’s main survivors in the future.

Source: EW