Walking Dead Star Thinks Franchise Could Continue For Years

The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand thinks the franchise could continue for many years after the flagship show has finished. Marquand has been on the show since season 5 as Aaron, a scout for Alexandria that finds and invites other survivors to their walled-off community. As the series progressed, Aaron grew into a leader for the community, now acting as a major figurehead in Alexandria. His experiences during the apocalypse haven’t been without loss, though, as Aaron’s partner Eric died in season 8 during the war against the Saviors. Aaron later lost his arm in a construction accident at the start of season 9.

Now sporting a metal hand that he occasionally swaps out for a mace, Aaron has survived up through the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead. Recently, he and a group of other Alexandrians became trapped in an old renaissance fair by a herd of Walkers while on their way to Oceanside and Alexandria, traveling from the Commonwealth. During the ensuing fight for survival, one Walker displayed uncharacteristic intelligence, climbing a ladder and picking up a rock to attack Jerry. While Aaron was able to subdue it, his encounter confirmed the presence of variant zombies in The Walking Dead, something the franchise will seemingly explore in three upcoming spinoffs next year.

Speaking to SYFY Wire, Ross Marquand expressed his belief that The Walking Dead franchise will continue years after the core series is finished. He expressed his gratefulness for playing Aaron in the show for so long, as well as his belief that the main show is ending in a spot that leaves the future of the franchise open for an exciting new chapter. Check out what Marquand said below:

« I think it’s extremely bittersweet. To [Seth Gilliam]’s point, we’ve both been on the show [for a while]. He’s been on it about eight-and-a-half years, I’ve been on eight years, and it’s weird. It’s weird to think that it’s all over because it was certainly the show that saved my career and saved my life in many ways. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it. But I think we’ve told a lot of story and I feel like it’s wrapping up at a good time. It’s wrapping up in a good place and I’m excited to see what people think of it. I’m also excited to see what comes next. I think as long as the writers and the producers are coming up with new life and new ideas for the show, then I think it could exist in many iterations for years to come. »

While it’s unclear what Aaron’s fate will be during The Walking Dead’s final episodes, the number of spinoffs the series will be branching into when the parent show is done leaves an open doorway for anything to happen. Currently, The Walking Dead franchise is set to continue with three new spinoff series in 2023 focusing on characters from the original show. In addition, the 2015 spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will be returning for its 8th season some time down the road. The episodic anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead could also come back with a new season, though there is no official word on if that series will return.

Marquand’s comment about The Walking Dead’s years-long future already has a lot of groundwork covered by the four series confirmed to air in the future. It will be compelling to see what surprises AMC has in store for viewers who have been used to spinoff-centric characters working together most of the time. It’s possible that other major characters like Aaron appear later on, too, given the unknown fate of many Walking Dead heroes at this time. For now, fans of The Walking Dead will have to patiently wait to learn the destinies of the show’s heroes in its final episodes prior to the spinoffs, which begin with the Maggie and Negan-led The Walking Dead: Dead City in April of next year.

Source: SYFY Wire