Was Tom Brady’s Unique Request Of Twitter Owner Elon Musk More Than Just A Joke?

Elon Musk and Tom Brady are two of the most talked about men these days. But for very different reasons. The NFL superstar has finalized his divorce, according to People, disappointing fans all around the world.

As for Musk, his finalized purchase of Twitter has sent the internet and media world into a total frenzy. While his recent public statement addressing the purchase appears balanced and arguably important, many of his initial decisions have caused an uproar.

Because of this, many stars have separated themselves from Musk. Although many celebrities have already been at war with him. But Tom Brady doesn’t appear to be one of them. In fact, he once had a very public request of Musk that could be addressed now that the multi-billion dollar Tesla CEO has assumed control over the social media outlet.

Tom Brady And Elon Musk’s Recent Controversies

From the outside looking in, some people may think that Elon Musk and Tom Brady have little in common. After all, if they were starring in an ’80s comedy, Musk would be cast as the brain and Brady would portray the jock.

In reality, however, Brady and Musk seem to have a lot in common since they both appear to be obsessed with success, and they have the killer instinct to overcome the greatest odds.

On top of both men having to wage similar wars to succeed, Musk and Brady both should be able to relate to being in the headlines in recent weeks.

In Brady’s case, he is garnering attention because his marriage to Gisele Bündchen is coming to an end. Then there’s Musk who is all over the news due to his recent purchase of Twitter, and the corresponding drama unfolding at the social media company as a result.

Of course, getting divorced and spending $44 billion on a company are two very different things. However, the fact that both men are under the media’s microscope at the moment is truly remarkable no matter what the reasons for that are.

What Has Tom Brady Said About Elon Musk?

In the years since Elon Musk became a business leader, one thing has become extremely clear about the Tesla CEO… he is very strong-willed.

A perfect example of that is the fact that after years of people believing that electric cars were too impractical to succeed, Musk proved that opinion to be wrong.

On top of what Musk has pulled off as the CEO of Tesla, pretty much all of his business success has come from bucking the conventional wisdom.

Thanks to Musk’s willingness to pave his own road, he has made a lot of people from both sides of the aisle angry at one time or another. However, Musk has certainly managed to earn the admiration of a lot of people as well.

Since Tom Brady has been famous for many, many years now and he is an all-time football great, lots of people are interested in what he has to say. Whenever Brady speaks in public, almost all of his comments are about football, his lifestyle choices, or his business ventures.

With that in mind, it seems very noteworthy that Brady has addressed things that relate to Musk on two occasions.

In late 2021, Brady starred in a commercial for Hertz car rentals in which the company was advertising they are renting electric vehicles now. While speaking to the press about that commercial, Brady spoke about his passion for sustainability.

As Brady revealed during those interviews, he had been a supporter of Musk’s most famous company at the time for several years. After all, Brady stated he’d owned a Tesla for four years at that time and he loved the vehicle.

« Well, I’ve had a Tesla for about four years. And, again, I think it’s kind of the direction the world is heading in. I think for me, it was about being really conscious about, obviously, the impact we all have on our planet. The things that we can do as individuals to make progress in the areas of sustainability. »

« I love the cars, » added in the interview with Bloomberg Technology.

What Does Tom Brady Want Elon Musk To Do?

Roughly five months after Tom Brady praised Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, the football star brought up the billionaire businessman again.

This time around, Brady went on Twitter and posted something after news broke that Elon had made an offer to buy the social media giant, Twitter. In response, Brady tweeted « If you buy twitter can you delete the combine photo? @elonmusk »

According to Fox Business, the « combine photo » that Brady was referring to was an image taken of him when he first became relevant in the NFL. The image featured a shirtless Brady looking anything but extraordinary. He hadn’t yet adopted his grueling fitness regiment and therefore looked nothing like he does today.

Given that Brady is finalizing his divorce, the deletion of this image could be relevant again. As radio legend Howard Stern said of the divorce, it seems like both Brady and his future ex-wife are ready to play the dating field. This means there’s the slightest chance that this image could hinder Brady’s success, especially since it’s become somewhat legendary.

Even still, it was pretty clear that Brady meant his request of Musk as a joke.

However, it did cause a bit of scandal for the newly single athlete as the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk has always been seen as controversial.

Whether Brady knew that the idea of Musk buying Twitter was controversial or not, many observers felt the football legend’s tweet implied he was fine with the purchase.

Now that Musk’s purchase of Twitter has gone through, it will be interesting to see if Brady reminds the billionaire of his request. At the time of this writing, there is no new information on the subject. But given Musk’s personality, it doesn’t seem out of the question.