Werewolf By Night BTS Images Reveals Jack & Elsa’s Costumes In Color

Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino has revealed a closer look at Jack and Elsa’s costumes in color. When it comes to adapting comic books into movies and television shows, one of the trickier aspects to transition from the vibrant illustrations are costume and make-up for the characters. The MCU has managed to successfully take costumes and appearances that some find as ridiculous or hokey and turn them into iconic imagery on the big, or small, screen. Nowadays, people can easily identify the look of characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man, but back then, seeing their costumes in live-action was almost difficult to comprehend.

One of the most recent MCU projects to feature some of the more outlandish looking characters was Werewolf by Night. Within the special contained the titular hero Jack Russell, the hunter Elsa Bloodstone, and the creature known as Man-Thing, or Ted to the other characters. While Man-Thing was presented as a mixture of CGI and practical effects, Jack and Elsa are prominently featured wearing elegant evening wear throughout most of the special. The downside is, the majority of the time, they are only presented in black and white. It is only at the very end that any color is shown and even then, audiences still do not have enough to gauge their appearances.

Director Michael Giacchino took to Instagram to unveil a closer look at the outfits worn by Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly for the Werewolf by Night special. The BTS images offer a more detailed look at the characters’ costumes in color, with Giacchino praising the costume department as being « filled with geniuses. » See Giacchino’s post above:

The creator behind Werewolf By Night’s costumes is Mayes C. Rubeo, a Mexican-born designer who moved to Italy to further her career. Her Latin roots have seeped into the design of her costumes in Apocalypto, Avatar and the Disney cult favorite John Carter. Werewolf By Night is not the only Marvel project she has worked on, as she has also lent her talents to the productions behind WandaVision, Thor: Ragnarok, and Thor: Love and Thunder, as well as doing the costumes for DC’s upcoming Blue Beetle.

Seeing Jack and Elsa’s costumes in color adds another level of intrigue to their characters. Jack’s well detailed coat and tie makes sense when combined with his explanation for his face paint by stating that it is to « honor [his] ancestors », implying that he is a very cultural person and thus his Latin-inspired clothes reflect his closeness to his family history. Elsa’s bright orange coat is most likely meant to show how her sensibilities are different from the other hunters, combined with how in the comics she usually wore an orange jumpsuit underneath a trench coat. Giacchino and the rest of Marvel Studios have yet to show off any more of the costumes in Werewolf By Night in color, but one can assume that they look just as gorgeous as the ones already shown.

Source: Michael Giacchino/Instagram