What Happened To Irene Walker After My 600-Lb Life Season 9

Irene Walker struggled on her weight loss journey in My 600-Lb. Life season 9, and many fans are wondering how she is doing now. At 603 pounds, Irene had trouble doing anything for herself and spent most of her day eating on the couch of her son’s place. She was given three chances by renowned Dr. Younan « Now » Nowzaradan and eventually lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Irene was on a good path by the end of her episode, but fans are wondering whether she kept the weight off or reverted to her old ways.

Like many cast members from My 600-Lb Life, Irene’s overeating came from trauma in her past. She was also enabled by the people around her, as her son, niece, and friends continued to bring her junk food that fed her addiction. Irene was tasked by Dr. Now to lose 60 pounds in two months, but the first time she only lost 5 pounds and the next was still under 10 pounds. On her third chance over a year into her weight loss journey, she lost over 60 pounds and finally qualified for the surgery. Irene started eating healthier meals with the support of her family and working out, so she could gain some independence. Though she has been keeping a low-profile since the show ended, she has dropped hints about her life now.

Irene Leaves The Spotlight

Irene had fans fooled when she posted on Facebook that she was in a relationship last year. After being in an abusive relationship as a teenager that led to her becoming a single mom at 17 years old, My 600-Lb Life fans want to see her in a healthy relationship. It turns out that Irene is focusing on herself and was joking with fans in the life update. She is currently single and hopefully working on getting her three kids back after they were taken by Child Protective Services when she was 34 years old.

Irene not only struggled with a food addiction, but used alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism in the past as well. She has gotten sober, and fans are hoping her food addiction will be the next thing she overcomes, so she can get back to living her life. Irene was homeless at one point and was kicked out of a women’s center when she got pregnant. She also dealt with several family members passing away in two years, with food acting as her only comfort. Irene is motivated to get her kids back and understands that she is hurting herself with her behavior, so she was making progress on My 600-Lb Life.

Irene does not have much of a social media presence and prefers to keep out of the spotlight. She still has a public Facebook account, but only posts with pictures of her face, making it hard to determine how much weight she has lost since her journey on My 600-Lb Life. At the end of the show, she was steadily losing around 10 pounds a month, and fans can only hope that she has continued that.

Source: Irene Walker/Facebook