What Happened To Johnny Galecki After The Big Bang Theory?

Thanks largely to Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory, millions of TV fans have grown familiar with Johnny Galecki. The actor has done it all from dating co-stars, to dealing with on-set tension, all while making millions of dollars in the process.

Galecki’s time on The Big Bang Theory lasted for over a decade, and since the show came to an end, Galecki has seemingly disappeared, leading many to wonder what he’s been up to.

Let’s take a look at the actor, and see what he’s been up to!

Johnny Galecki Has Had An Underrated Acting Career

Having made his debut in the 1980s, Johnny Galecki is a performer who has been around the block a time or two. The man has been involved with projects of all sizes, and he has put together a wildly underrated Hollywood career.

Galecki had some early career wins with 1989’s Christmas Vacation and the iconic 1990’s sitcom Roseanne helping him become a recognizable face in entertainment.

Johnny also scored roles in projects like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Vanilla Sky, and My Name is Earl, among many others.

Galecki had done well for himself earlier in his career, but things really hit another level when he was cast as one of the lead characters on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

Johnny Galecki Changed His Career On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Debuting back in September 2007, The Big Bang Theory became another smash hit from Chuck Lorre, the man behind countless hit sitcoms.

Galecki was cast as Leonard Hofstadter on the show, and he was a brilliant pick for the character. Galecki brought plenty of the nerdy charm he used as David on Roseanne, and this translated well to The Big Bang Theory.

As the show dominated on the small screen, Galecki and the rest of the cast began cashing in on some of the biggest paydays in TV history.

« Galecki’s earnings steadily increased through the years with Big Bang Theory. During the first season, the actor earned $60,000 per episode, although those numbers would increase with time. By season two, he was earning $250,000 per episode – a trend that would continue till season four. The actors’ wages increased once again from seasons 5 to 7, reaching $350,000 per episode. This exponential growth continued until the series ended in 2019. It is reported that Galecki earned $900,000 per episode of Big Bang Theory between 2007 and 2019. In addition, the cast managed to negotiate a deal that entitled them to 1 percent of the show’s backend equity, » Celebrity Net Worth reports.

In 2019, the show officially came to an end, marking the end of an era for CBS. Since then, people have not seen much of Galecki.

Where Has Johnny Galecki Been Since TBBT Ended?

So, what in the world has Johnny Galecki been up to since The Big Bang Theory came to an end on TV? In what may come as a surprise to some, Galecki has been lying low, sticking to enjoying fatherhood and a quiet life.

Over on his IMDb, it shows that he spent some time on The Conners, reprising the role of David on the show. Outside of that, he has not done any other acting, and he has nothing on deck at the moment.

To be fair, after spending so much time on TV with his multiple hit shows, it’s got to be nice for the actor to simply relax and enjoy life for a while.

Of course, an estimated net worth of $100 million certainly makes things a lot easier.

« His fame and success have made him incredibly wealthy. In 2018, he was the second-highest paid actor in the world, with earnings of $25 million in that single year. Johnny Galecki also owns significant real estate holdings, including 360 acres of land in Santa Margarita, California, » Celebrity Net Worth reports.

Galecki may not have any projects on deck at the moment, but this does not mean that he is done with acting forever. Should the actor make a return to TV, it’s possible that he’ll make his way onto yet another hit sitcom, which could make him one of TV’s most successful actors of all time.