What The Rings Of Power Cast Has Said About Transforming Into Magical Creatures

Two years ago, Amazon Prime embarked upon the arduous task of adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings to the small screen. Although the series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, was initially met with backlash over casting choices, one can’t deny that the giant streamer went to great lengths to ensure that its version of Middle Earth was as magical as described in Tolkien’s works.

Apart from devoting a whopping $715 million to producing the first season, Amazon also ensured that the show’s unbelievably intricate sets were teeming with magical creatures. Here’s what The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power cast have said about transforming into otherworldly creatures and being part of the show’s mind-blowing universe.

8/8 Morfydd Clark’s Transformation Into Galadriel Seemed Almost Impossible

Morfydd Clark portrays a younger version of Galadriel, the Lady of the woods of Lothlórien. Given Galadriel’s great legacy, Clark initially felt that the character would be almost impossible to embody.

“It felt unreal to be coming into it,” she told ScreenRant. “I think it was bit by bit, it started to seem possible to embody her by doing the stunts, by working with a movement director, by getting the ears, by getting the hair and the costume. It was all these little bits.”

7/8 Morfydd Clark’s Transformation Into Galadriel Required Extensive Hair And make Up

Transforming into a character revered for her beauty required Morfydd Clark to endure extensive make up sessions. According to the actor, recreating Galadriel ethereal hair was particularly tasking.

“The hair was a massive talking point amongst makeup, the directors, and me, » she admitted to Looper, « and what we settled on was actually the hair that we use has strands of gold-plated and silver-plated hair within it. So her hair is otherworldly, and at different times there’s more levels of gold and silver within her hair or less.”

6/8 Transforming Into Elrond Was Robert Aramayo’s Childhood Dream

Robert Aramayo was a huge Lord of the Rings fan long before he landed a role on The Rings of Power. The actor was especially thrilled to be portraying Elrond, one of his favorite characters from the films.

“Right now, Elrond’s a very young elf with so much to go before we get to the Council of Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring, » he disclosed to Vulture in a recent interview. « He’s lived through so many defeats by that point. So I was excited to just start with this young elf who still has a lot to learn. That felt like an exciting place to begin. »

5/8 Maxim Baldry Found The Show’s Set Designs Phenomenal

Maxim Baldry, the face behind The Rings of Power’s Isildur, could not help but marvel at Amazon Prime’s intricate and presumably, incredibly expensive set designs.

« They built a whole city, as well, which was phenomenal just to walk through and immerse yourself, » Baldry disclosed to E! News. « It just transported you as an actor just straight into this world. So we didn’t really have to act, just had to exist and be. »

4/8 Ismael Cruz Cordova Could Not Believe How Intricate The Set Designs Were

Ismael Cruz Cordova, who portrays the Silvan elf Arondir in the show, was also blown away by the show’s set designs. The actor had apparently never encountered such intricate sets in all his years of acting.

« I think, as actors, it was such a treasure, » he told E! News. « I remember walking through the Southlands for the first time and understanding that I’ve never done this before, I’d never been in an environment like that before, and I’ve been acting for like 20 years. »

3/8 How Did Owain Arthur Transform Into Durin IV?

The Rings of Power features Welsh actor Owain Arthur, who is completely unrecognizable as Durin IV. As it turns out, the actor’s transformation into the dwarf prince required extensive prosthetics work.

“The best thing about it was that I got to wear it and I got to just really become a completely different person and a different being, as well,” he told E! News. “The worst thing about it is that I had to become a completely different being. The prosthetic nose, the wig, the beard, and the beard comes in like 16 different parts, so it’s a process. »

2/8 Being In Harfoot Gear Was Rather Awkward For Markella Kavenagh

Markella Kavenagh, who portrays the harfoot Elanor Brandyfoot (Nori), found walking around in harfoot gear incredibly awkward.

« We were slipping around in big flippers that went up to our knees and holding each other up, » she told E! News. « Just the deliriousness of that during a night shoot in the middle of this huge forest, singing ‘Proud Mary’ and walking in these huge Harfoot feet. »

1/8 How Did Megan Richards Transform Into The Harfoot Poppy?

Transforming into the harfoot Poppy Proudfellow was no easy task for Megan Richards. The 23-year-old actress had to take movement lessons to imitate the character’s iconic childlike gait.

“For me, getting to Poppy was through movement,” she disclosed in a recent interview with SlashFilm. “That was sort of my focus point. And we had an incredible movement coach, Lara, and she gave us a couple of references at the very beginning. And one of them that really stuck with me was to walk like a five-year-old child.”