Wheel Of Time Has Already Revealed Egwene’s Future

The Wheel of Time season 1 secretly revealed Egwene al’Vere’s future in Amazon’s show. Due to changes made to the Dragon Reborn prophecy and the story in general, it was theorized by some that Egwene – and not Rand al’Thor – was the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon. However, it was not to be, as Rand was confirmed to be the show’s Dragon Reborn.

Dragon Reborn or not, Egwene is a key player in Amazon’s Wheel of Time story. While Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine Damodred turned out to be wrong in thinking that Egwene was the person she was looking for, it’s become obvious that she still has plenty to offer in terms of her affinity for the One Power. The Wheel of Time season 1 has proven that Egwene has the potential to become a powerful member of the Aes Sedai. Her contribution to the battle against the Trollocs at Fal Dara in The Wheel of Time season 1 finale demonstrated her usefulness and should make her an attractive candidate for a role at the White Tower in season 2.

Curiously, the show has already spoiled what’s ahead for Egwene in the show’s long-term future. After looking at Nynaeve and Egwene, Min said she saw a “white flame” around one of them in Wheel of Time episode 7. For readers of the books, It wasn’t necessary for her to specify, as it’s clear what the show was alluding to in this moment. The “white flame” is the symbol of the Amyrlin Seat, the title given to the leader of the Aes Sedai at White Tower. Of course, this position is currently filled by Siuan Sanche, but if the show follows the books, she’ll soon be succeeded by Egwene. Wheel of Time episode 7’s tease is a hint that this is exactly where the series is heading.

Considering that Egwene isn’t even an Aes Sedai yet, becoming the Amylrin Seat is likely a scenario that won’t come to pass for quite some time. The show still has a few major stories to tell with her character before she can reach this point. In the source material, Egwene came into power in The Lord of Chaos, the sixth installment in the 14-book series. Since Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins has already confirmed that season 3 will delve into the fourth book, it could be that unless the series gets to this pivotal point in Egwene’s story ahead of schedule, it’ll adapt this event in season 4 or 5.

Before that can happen, Egwene has several other challenges she’ll have to overcome first. First and foremost is Egwene’s stay at the White Tower, which is the first of many stepping stones she has to cross in her journey to become the Amyrlin Seat. Her training at the White Tower and perhaps her early days as an Aes Sedai are expected to be the focus of her arc in The Wheel of Time season 2.