Where Is Yvette Nicole Brown’s Cameo In Walking Dead Season 11?

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21.Did you spot Yvette Nicole Brown’s cameo in The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21? Most famous for her role as Shirley Bennett in Community, Yvette Nicole Brown has long been associated with The Walking Dead. Not only does she frequently feature on AMC’s Talking Dead post-mortem show, Brown has also moderated several of the franchise’s SDCC panels. Yvette Nicole Brown takes her zombie apocalypse journey one step further thanks to The Walking Dead season 11’s « Outpost 22, » as the episode’s credits list her as making a « special appearance. »

Because of her onscreen presence in popular shows like Community, as well as her previous dealings with the Walking Dead franchise, Yvette Nicole Brown would be a familiar face to many viewers – even slathered in zombie make-up and prosthetics. Weirdly, she’s nowhere to be seen in « Outpost 22, » and that’ll be because the actress doesn’t actually appear in The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21 at all. Yvette Nicole Brown’s The Walking Dead cameo is audio-only, and comes in the very final scene. She voices the Commonwealth dispatcher Rosita speaks with while posing as a lost soldier in order to find out where her missing friends have been taken.

Why Yvette Nicole Brown’s Cameo Is So Important To The Walking Dead

Seeing (or, indeed, hearing) Yvette Nicole Brown in The Walking Dead season 11 is a heartwarming moment, simply because the self-confessed super-fan has been attached to the wider franchise for so long, her small place in The Walking Dead history is richly deserved. Also, however, Brown’s cameo isn’t really « small » at all. Despite its brevity, her role carries massive implications for The Walking Dead’s ending.

Brown’s unseen character gets the job of revealing Alexandria has been overrun by Pamela Milton and transformed into Outpost 22 – a processing center for the Commonwealth’s exiles. Yvette Nicole Brown’s chatty dispatcher also gets the honor of setting up a potentially huge battle ahead of The Walking Dead’s ending – Rosita’s group fighting back against the Commonwealth to reclaim their home of Alexandria from tyranny and oppression.

Yvette Nicole Brown Has A History Of Big Franchise Cameos

This isn’t Yvette Nicole Brown’s first rodeo when it comes to making memorable cameos in major media franchises. Because the Russo brothers were executive producers on Community before joining the MCU as directors, a host of actors from the college-set sitcom have turned up in Marvel’s movie sandbox, including Danny Pudi as a delivery driver in Captain America: Civil War and Ken Jeong as a security guard in Avengers: Endgame.

Yvette Nicole Brown also makes her MCU bow in Avengers: Endgame, portraying wary 1970s SHIELD agent Phyllis Jenkins, who rides the Camp Lehigh elevator with a time-heisting Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Sensing something « fishy » about the two undercover Avengers, Phyllis informs a guard. If only her character in The Walking Dead had been as discerning, the Commonwealth wouldn’t have an impending invasion of Outpost 22 on its hands…

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